Woodrite buckingham bierton timber up and over

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Woodrite Buckingham Bierton Timber Up and Over


Width: 3520mm
Height: 2170mm

Gear type
Retractable - Masta
Item stock ref:

Up and over


Antique Oak

Quantity: 1

Woodrite Bierton Up and Over Door, RF
£ 1,800.00 (Inc. VAT, each )
£1,500.00 (Exc. VAT, each )

General Description

This Woodrite Buckingham Bierton Timber Up and Over garage door is fully finished and made from high quality cedar wood.

Size: 3520mm x 2170mm (timber frame opening size)

Colour: Antique Oak

Condition: Wrapped and complete

Handle: Standard black handle

Gear Type: Retractable Masta Gear. This door comes with a 70 x 90 softwood frame and a 25 x25 door stop fully finished in antique oak. 

Masta Gear is an 'all in one' solution for all doors in all sizes. Masta gear is a retractable operating gear fixing to an aluminium sub frame for panel built doors Single size retractable doors feature a cranked lifting side arm to enable increased drive through width when the door is open.

This is a belt and braces type gear which will give a considerable pricing advantage on door widths over 10 feet (3048mm) wide against the Super Chassis gear pricing.

The order sizes for Woodrite doors are referring to the inside of the sub frame and tolerances are already allowed for in the door panel. A 7' x 7' door is for a timber frame internal size exactly the same and the timber frame is 70mm on the fixing face as standard.

This door has no centre rail as shown in the library image and would be perfect for electric operation. 


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