Hormann Electric Garage Door Operators

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Hormann Electric Garage Door Operators

Hormann Electric Garage Door Operators

Choose either a Hormann Promatic or Hormann Supramatic remote control garage door operator and you will be choosing one of the quietest, most reliable and fastest electric openers on the UK market. Now the series 3 with new state of the art Bi Secur technology - 2 way communication for the radio controls and 128 bit security encryption.

Security is one of the main issues concerning remote control garage door openers and Hormann have the answer in their patented locking mechanism.

When a Hormann Promatic or Supramatic operator has closed the garage door not only does the motor and drive unit hold the door firmly closed but a unique patented steel 'hook' device locks the garage door towing arm in place to avoid potential forcing of the door. The device is purely mechanical and therefore will work even in a power failure.

This device is in addition to the motor holding the door closed providing one of the most secure operators on the market.

Uninvited guests don't stand a chance with a Hörmann electric automatic garage door. When the garage door is closed, the patented door security kit automatically engages in the operator’s guide rail stops, locks immediately and is secured against forced opening.

In contrast to other electric operators, Hörmann’s door locking process is purely mechanical and therefore functions without a power supply.

Hormann SupramaticHormann Supramatic E Bi Secur Opener

Suitable for single, double and heavy garage doors

You will find this combination of speed and convenience unbeatable.

Your garage door opens faster, you can switch on the garage lighting separately and there are literally hundreds of additional control accessories that can be added to ensure complete control whatever your requirements all with Bi secur technology.

State of the art Hörmann Supramatic E remote control operator and supplied with the standard K boom for operating sectional doors up to 2125mm high and fully retractable up and over garage doors up to 2250mm high.

Full installation instructions, two hand held transmitters and 5 year guarantee are included. See the video below.


Hormann PromaticHormann Promatic E Bi Secur Opener

Suitable for standard single garage doors upto 10ft wide

The ProMatic garage door operators feature the same proven Hörmann technology as all Hörmann premium operators.

This guarantees reliable function – at an attractive price. The new Bi secur function offers a lot of technology for future proofing your garage door opener and allowing 2 way communication with the operator and hand set.

The superb Hormann Promatic E remote control operator is supplied with the standard K boom for operating sectional doors up to 2125mm high and fully retractable up and over garage doors up to 2250mm high

Two transmitters, full installation instructions and 5 year guarantee are included.



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Access Control and Lifestyle Accessories

Many optional extra accessories are available for Hormann electric operators to help tailor your garage door opener control to your lifestyle. This ranges from handheld remote controls to cigarette-lighter buttons and wall-mounted keypads. Wireless keypads, various key switches, timers, card readers and many other items also give a wide choice of access control.

Recent advances have brought leading edge technology products such as electronic finger readers to the Hormann range of operator controls. These will recognise up to nearly 100 individual fingerprints for the ultimate in external security access control at very affordable prices.

Thanks to Hormann technology, multiple handsets can be programmed to control the same operator and other home devices - electric gates, lighting and so on.

Handset Range


HS 1 BS - Hand Transmitter (1 Channel)


HS 4 BS - Hand Transmitter (4 Channel)

Hormann HSD 2 Chrome Keyring

HSD 2-C - Chrome Keyring (2 Channel)

ESU Recessed Key Switch
ESU 40 - Recessed Key Switch

ESU 40 Mounted Key Switch
ESA 40 - Mounted Key Switch

HSZ 1 - Hand Transmitter (1 Channel)


HSZ 2 - Hand Transmitter (2 Channel)


FCT 3B - Radio Controlled Switch

IT 3 B

IT 3B 1 - Internal Push Buttton (3 Channel)

IT 1 B
IT 1B - Internal Push Button (1 Channel)





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