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Manufactured In Dorset UK, Wessex Doors is Europe’s largest manufacturer of low maintenance GRP (Glass Reinforced Polyester) garage doors and a leading innovator in the field of garage doors design.

Not only is GRP tough, it is also excellent at resisting the ravages of the weather, even in coastal locations.

The corrosive effects of salt laden air can be easily seen in rusting gates, door hinges and garage doors. GRP eliminates corrosion and the benefits inland are just as convincing, mainly that of minimal maintenance.

GRP is the material of choice for the sailing industry – look how many GRP yachts are out there. Wessex uses the finest softwood timber masters to create moulds with enhanced grain and detailing that no exterior grade timber can match. The hand applied antiquing completes the transformation into a door that looks just like wood but with the added benefit of minimal maintenance.

Wessex GRP up and over garage doorWessex Up and Over Garage Doors

Up and over doors are the most widely fitted style of garage doors in the UK, and the Wessex range is both diverse and attractive. Wessex Up and Over doors are built onto strong, corrosion protected steel chassis that provides a protective “picture frame” edge all around the door panel. The chassis is supplied in white, brown or black dependent on the door colour and frames are available to match.

Doors are available in two build types:

3 Crown Range
Wessex standard build specification. Three Crown doors are available in standard and made to measure sizes and feature a corrosion protected steel chassis to provide added strength and rigidity. They are available with canopy or retractable gear and window options where applicable.

4 Crown Range
On Four Crown doors the back of the door panel is covered with a “flowcoat” of resin for increased rigidity and a neat interior finish in light reflecting white. They are available with canopy or retractable gear and window options where applicable.

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wessex grp side hingedWessex Side Hinged

The Wessex GRP Platinum Range of Side Hinged Garage Doors look just like wood but with the added benefit of minimal maintenance.

Every door is built onto a steel chassis that provides a neat edge to the door panels and gives the door strength and rigidity. The chassis is available in white, brown or black (frames are also available to match).

The doors have a black lever handle that operates a locking latch to the active leaf, whilst the inactive leaf is secured by a shoot latch bolt.

he rear face of the Platinum side hinged doors is white as standard or brown as an optional extra, with the chassis in white, brown or black.

Chassis colour *White doors will come on a white chassis, ebony woodgrain doors on black chassis and all other woodgrain colours on brown chassis. Red, Green and Blue colours and Coastal Colours on a White or Black Chassis.


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