Installing roller garage doors

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DIY Installation Guide

DIY Installation Guide

Seceuroglide roller door - the security door

Find out how to measure, specify, order and decide on the best installation position for your new SeceuroGlide Insulated Roller Door...

When ordering a SeceuroGlide insulated aluminium roller door for a DIY installation it is vital to accurately order your door. Since these doors are all made to order, you can ensure your door is ordered exactly to fit your required specification. One benefit of this type of door is that they can be installed inbetween, behind and in front of the structural opening, unlike most other types of garage door.

This page has been devised to help you understand the dimensions you will require when ordering a SeceuroGlide Roller Door, depending on which installation position you intend to use.

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The diagram below shows the important dimensions, as well as some of the terminology regarding these doors. This applies to the SeceuroGlide, SeceuroGlide Manual, SeceuroGlide LT and the SeceuroGlide Compact doors.

*Please note that this image shows the SeceuroGlide roller door with the optional full hood cover fitted*

Seceuroglide roller door dimensions for ordering

Width Dimensions Explained

The Ordering Width when purchasing a SeceuroGlide Roller Door is the Overall Guide Width measurement. This is the drive-through width measurement plus the width of the aluminium guides on each side (75mm each side for doors up to 2500mm, 90mm each for doors over 5200mm).

It is possible to order the 90mm guides for any size of door if required, but always remember to add the guide size chosen to the size required inbetween the guides for ordering purposes.

For example, a 2500mm Drive-Through Width requires a further 150mm for the two standard 75mm guides, giving an Ordering Width size of 2650mm. If you were to order the door with the optional 90mm guides (or as standard for all doors over 3001mm) , then the ordering size would instead become 2680mm instead (2500 + 90mm x two).

Seceuroglide roller door guide dimensions

Standard 75mm guide width for the Seceuroglide doors up to 3001mm width.


Larger 90mm guide width is standard for doors 3001mm or wider (or an optional extra for doors below this size) for increased stability, particularly in exposed windy areas. 


Height Dimensions Explained

When placing an order, the ordering height taken is the Guide Height. This is the total height, minus the curtain roll dimensions and the endplate supports.

For doors up to 2500mm high, the roll dimension is 300mm.

For doors over 2500mm, the roll dimension is 350mm.

The maximum guide height is 3500mm, creating a maximum total height of 3850mm.

A compact roll is available in some situations - please contact a member of our team if you are interested this. 

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Seceuroglide endplate dimensions standard and Compact


Three different endplate sizes including the Compact roller door (sold seperately in our online shop).








It is important to note with Roller Doors the presence of the Bottom Slat Hangdown, where a portion of the bottom slat hangs down into the opening. With the SeceuroGlide range this hangdown is only 55mm, therefore creating a Drive-Through Height of the Guide Height minus 55mm. Please take this into consideration if you have a tall vehicle or high clearance requirements.

Installation options

Face Fitting Internally (Recommended)

Installation of Seceuroglide behind openingInternal face installation is the most common location for roller garage doors to be fitted, and is generally the most effective way to maximise your drive-through height and width. It is also the most concealed installation, although this factor does depend on personal taste.

The guide rails and supporting end plates are fitted directly to the internal brickwork. If there is only one internal face, with the opening flush to the wall on one side, this is not an issue as the endplates are flush to the guide rails and curtain roll, all contained within the overall dimensions.

Inbetween Fitting

Seceuroglide installed between garage openingInstalling a SeceuroGlide inbetween requires more accuracy when ordering your door, or minor alterations to the existing brickwork may be required. Alternatively, you can use extra 'pack out' guides and endplates to reach the size requirements. In this case, it is vital to use the narrowest dimension to ensure that brickwork doesn't need to be removed. Also check that the opening is square enough. In some cases, it is required to install the door inbetween the opening, but behind the lintel, particularly in cases where the lintel is not level with the reveals. 

Please note that the guides will be seen from the outside when installing in this manner, so be aware of the colour finish, especially when choosing the woodgrain curtain finish.

Face Fitting Externally*

External fitted Seceuroglide roller shutterWhilst installing a SeceuroGlide to the outside is possible, it's unusual. The benefits of doing so include maximising the drive-through width/height, and maximising the available space in the garage, for improved parking and storage.

When installed externally it is essential to install a full hood. This is to protect the curtain, guides and endplates from weathering. Please note that the control box receiver is not waterproof, and therefore must be installed internally or in a waterproof casing. 

The manual override facility comes with a lockable steel plate fitted to the hood externally as standard. However, an optional low level override is available which is drilled through the brickwork to be operated from the inside. However, this is only available when seperate access to the garage is available.

Also, please note that when fitted externally, it is the internal side of the curtain that is facing outwards. As a result we do not recommend the woodgrain laminate options, as the slats are only finished on the outside, with the inside face as brown powdercoat.

Maximum and Minimum Sizes

Please note these are the maximum sizes available for Seceuroglide Roller Doors:

Maximum guide height for SeceuroGlide = 3500mm
Maximum overall width for SeceuroGlide = 5400mm
Minimum overall width for SeceuroGlide = 1500mm

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