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Special Offers

Carteck Made to Measure Offer

Pay no cut down charge on a Carteck Purpose Made Sectional Door.

Garage Doors Online are offering the purpose made sectional doors the same price as the standard sectional doors. Saving you around £81!

The offer is only valid when ordered with a remote control operator:

The Carteck Drive 500N and 600N can lift any size door. The integrated drive and control unit of the Carteck Drive fits discreetly above the door.

The fixed chain drive of the Carteck Drive range is quieter and renowned for long-term reliability compared to revolving chain or belt designs.

The Pearl Twin transmitter has twin buttons that can be configured for two functions such as open and close and turn on the light.

The Pearl transmitters have 4-function buttons.

carteck drive 500 and 600
Drive 500
Power = 500Nm
Transmitters = 2 X Pearl Twin
Speed = 180mm/sec
Lighting = 1 x 3 LED Motor Light
Options = Selected
Drive 600
Power = 600Nm
Transmitters = 2 X Pearl
Speed = 240mm/sec
Lighting = 1 x 6 LED Motor Light
Options = All


The difference between the Carteck Drive and the Drive Pro:

The Carteck Drive Pro has a seperate control unit that can be mounted by an existing power outlet or at a convenient position in the garage, perhaps by a side access door so you can open or close the door using the push buttons on the front of the control unit as you leave or enter your garage.

carteck drive pro 500 and 600


Drive Pro 500
Power = 500Nm
Transmitters = 2 X Pearl Twin
Speed = 180mm/sec
Lighting = 1 x 3 LED Motor Light
Options - Selected

Drive Pro 600
Power = 600Nm
Transmitters = 2 X Pearl
Speed = 240mm/sec
Lighting = 1 x 6 LED Motor Light
Options = All

Made to Measure

Whether you are renovating or building a new opening, Carteck Sectional Garage Doors fit perfectly into every installation situation. Door widths of up to 5.5m and door heights of up to 3m are made to measure for the right fit.

carteck purpose made sectional door

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