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Hormann Rollmatic Roller Doors  

A Brand Leading Roller Garage Door and one of the best Roller Doors on the market!

The Insulated Roller Doors are smart and stylish and features vertical travel, insulation, all round weather protection and remote control operation as standard.

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Hormann Rollmatic

Made to measure, double skinned, aluminium, insulated slat construction, offering strength and insulation. 

  • Roller garage doors open vertically and requires minimum space inside the garage. The construction means you can make full use of the space inside and in front of the garage.
  • The roller garage door can be installed into openings whether they are arched or square.
  • The Rollmatic comes with an operator as standard and is located outside the barrel casing for trouble-free maintenance. The door components, operator and control are optimally adjusted to each other and approved as a functioning unit.
  • The motor is a single phase 240V motor and includes remote control operation as standard with a wall mounted push button operation and bulk head light also included.
  • Reliable automatic safety cut-out: The integrated soft start and soft stop of the operator ensures smooth door travel and protects the door. The spring compensation and reliable automatic cut-out render any additional closing edge safety device unnecessary.
  • Available in White or 11 RAL colour finishes. Decopaint finish options: Noir 2100 Sable (Anthracite Metallic), Golden Oak or Rosewood. Decograin finish Golden Oak or Rosewood.
  • Standard windlocks: The roller garage doors can even withstand large wind loads (up to class 4). The wind locks fitted as standard in the profile ends keep the door securely within its guides. An additional advantage is increased break-in resistance.
  • Easy fitting: The Rollmatic roller doors can be fitted quickly and easily. The side guides, fascia panel and operator are bolted to the garage walls and lintel. The curtain is then pulled effortlessly onto the shaft by the operator and fixed via belts.


Hormann Rollmatic OD

The space-saving, narrow design of the horizontal door allows fitting in the garage even in very tight spaces.

  • Space Saving: Only 60mm headroom required.
  • Comes with the Hormann Promatic Operator as standard which can be installed on either the right or left horizontal guide rail, no additional headroom is required.
  • Upgrade to the faster opening Hormann Supramatic Operator.
  • The Hormann Promatic Operator comes as standard with 4-button hand transmitter HSE 4 BS. Query of the door position with optional hand transmitter HS 5 BS. Adjustable ventilation slot. Automatic door locking.
  • The Hormann Supramatic operator comes as standard with one 5-button hand transmitter HS 5 BS. Querying of the door position. Low power consumption. Easy to program. 2x 7 segment display. Adjustable ventilation slot. Automatic door locking. Operator cover made of brushed aluminium.
  • Available in White or 11 RAL colour finishes. Decopaint finish options: Noir 2100 Sable (Anthracite Metallic), Golden Oak or Rosewood. Decograin finish Golden Oak or Rosewood.
  • Smooth door travel: The twin rollers evenly and smoothly guide the door curtain under the ceiling.
  • Well sealed with an elastic lip seal in the lintel area and brush seals in the side guides protect against driving rain (class 2). The flexible EPDM bottom profile compensates for unevenness in the floor and seals the bottom edge of the door.
  • Integrated counterbalance: The multiple spring assemblies optimally balance the weight of the door curtain in every position. This preserves the operator mechanism and, together with the automatic safety cut-out of the operator, guarantees safe door operation. In addition, the integral catch safety device protects the door against crashing to the floor in case of a possible cable tear.
  • Variable fitting: The vertical side guides and the fascia panel are supplied in the colour of the door as standard. Thus the door can also be fitted partially or completely in the opening.


Hormann Rollmatic TDL

The cost-effective roller door with Tubular Drive.

  • Space Saving: The door construction including the standard curtain cover requires very limited fitting space. Only 290mm headroom and only 75mm sideroom required.
  • The Tubular Motor with emergency crank handle as standard is conveniently operated via a hand transmitter with rolling code radio 433 MHz.
  • Safety: An opto-sensor in the floor seal offers reliable protection. It monitors the closing edge acc. to DIN EN 13241-1.
  • Available in White or Anthracite Grey. Decopaint finish options: Noir 2100 Sable (Anthracite Metallic) or Golden Oak.
  • Trouble-free to maintain cover as standard.
  • Quiet door travel through track rollers.
  • Handy belt system for the easy fitting of the curtain to the barrel.
  • Size Range: Width (LB): 1200 - 3050mm. Height (LH): 1500 - 2300mm.


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