Hormann Sectional Door sizes and dimensions

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Dimensions for Hormann Sectional Garage Doors

The Hormann range of sectional garage doors is vast, but in general there are only three standard types of spring and gear arrangements all requiring three different headroom and internal room measurements.Hormann logo

Below the diagrams show the layout for each of the Z, N and L track arrangements available for almost any size of door

Ordering dimensions are the same as other sectional doors - The ordering sizes for pricing, as well as actual ordering, refer to the internal dimensions inbetween the frame legs and frame head, sometimes referred to as the 'daylight opening sizes'

Hormann Z Track Mechanism
The Z track
arrangement uses side tension springs for lifting and has no requirement for fixing above the top of the door apart from the steel fascia panel as shown.
The Z track mechanism is standard on all Hormann sectional doors up to 4000mm wide in the UK sizes and 4000mm in European sizes.
You can specify the N track arrangement if required to lift the horizontal tracks up higher in the garage but this will extend delivery times. Please ask for details.

Hormann z track side spring operated sectional door operation

Hormann N Track Mechanism
The N Track
arrangement uses a front mounted torsion spring for lifting, and does require a good fixing point for the spring support brackets.
The N track arangement is standard on all Hormann sectional doors over 4000mm wide in UK sizes and 4000mm wide in European sizes.

Hormann front mount torsion spring arrangement - N track

Hormann L Track Mechanism
The L track (low headroom) arrangement uses a rear mounted torsion spring for lifting and will require good fixing points for the spring.
This arrangement is an option on any Hormann sectional door that uses N track springing as standard but where headroom is restricted in the garage, but do bear in mind the tracks come in further than the N track arrangement.

Hormann L Track mechanism and dimensions

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