What are the advantages of side hinged garage doors

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There are many advantages in using side hinged garage doors, assuming of course the garage is only a single width size as they are only for garage opening widths up to around 3m wide..

1. Unlike all other types of garage door hinged garage doors open outwards, unless you specifically want them to open inwards. There is no invasionof any parts into the garage itself, apart from maybe the door stays. Just 2 door leaves which swing outwards when operating.

2. Hinged garage doors have very few moving parts and therefore need very little maintenance.


3. Insulated options with great levels of weathersealing achievable by using the right threshold.


4. The very easiest and effortless operation for any person. These doors are ideal for anyone using their garage as another room to the house, rather than a garage. Easy access in and out all day long without having to open a full garage door..

Other excellent advantages include:


Quiet operation - Almost silent operation making them ideal when operating late at night.

Low maintenance - Just a clean for the panels on some models a light oil for the hinges and locking

Large choice of styles and designs - Solid panels which can incorporate many designs

2/3rd and 1/3rd door leaf split providing a pedestrian access door.
Electric operated version is a simple conversion.
Excellent security when specified with additional locking

Insulation for heat, cold and sound with our extensive insulated ranges
No panels touch each other, unlike roller garage doors which roll over and over on the slats causing damage if not kept very clean and maintained.
Great window options enabling the use of full height window options in each panel.


We recommend that if you have a single width garage then you seriously take a look at various side hinged garage door options..


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