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Sectional garage doors are best fitted to the back of the structural opening but can be fitted inbetween the opening if required.
All sectional type garage doors were originally designed to be installed behind a structural opening with the running tracks at the side going up the inside of the piers and the spring mechanisms always behind the lintel or the back of the piers too. Over the last few years manufacturers have developed various brackets and finishing/cloaking accessories to enable the installation of a sectional door in between the structural opening if required. You have various considerations to make when doing this unless other factors determine that you have to fit in between, such as the absence of an internal face or any headroom at all.
For most manufacturers a sectional garage door has a steel L shaped frame leg either side of the main door opening and this is usually about 85-90mm wide either side. This frame is normally pre drilled for installation direct to the inside face of the brickwork opening and the ordering size is the width between these frame legs. The height required above a sectional door for installation depends on the width as different manufacturers put the springs in different places but generally you will have a minimum requirement of 115mm and a maximum of 225mm BUT a big factor will be where the lifting springs are situated. If, for example you order a double width Hormann or Garador then a 'torsion' spring will be supplied to fit above the top door panel with a minimum headroom requirement of 210mm but it will also need several secure fixing points for the spring support brackets and if you are installing inbetween an opening the chances are you are also underneath the RSJ/lintel and this could mean you only have fresh air to fit into! If the door is a single width then the springs are situated down the sides and the headroom requirement is only 115mm with no requirements for fixing apart from securing a 95mm fascia section supplied but this is relatively easy to do with some steel brackets.
Carteck sectional doors always have their springs situated in steel channels above the tracks and for most widths only require headroom of 120mm making the Carteck ideal for garage openings with limited headroom or where you have to fit inbetween the opening, especially if it is a larger double width door size.


Fitted correctly in the opening these insulated side hinged garage doors are very good for heat, cold and sound insulation with weathersealing combined.
The insulated side hinged garage doors we sell on our website are manufactured by Carteck, HormannGDO and Ryterna and are the best side hinged doors for general insulation and also great for security too. Most doors are made to order as standard and come completely built into the aluminium sub fixing frame from the factory. You can choose from traditional designs but also many very modern designs incorporating various windows, small, large and long.

The door panels are manufactured using the 40mm thick double skinned steel panels from insulated sectional doors, so are already proven beyond any doubt for their quality and durability.
The insulation is going to be very good, but be aware there is no stated U value as such because of the hollow outer frame section. It is possible to infill this outer frame if you want to make the best insulation possible, but if a U value is required for any reason then it is best to speak to us and discuss the various options. We can supply doors with tested U values and performance declarations but currently they are too beposke for our online shop process.

The door panel and frame are always fully finished in chosen paint colour or laminate woodgrain finish.

Ordering Sizes
The Carteck side hinged doors are ordered in our site as width first then the height and the sizes are to include the fixing sub frame so also relate to the structural opening size less a fitting tolerance.

Carteck Insulated Side Hinged

The aluminium fixing frame has built in weather seals as well as the rebated edges including the overlapping centre strip to close one leaf against the other with maximum weather protection.

The handle set is stainless steel and has a double throw deadlock with the option to upgrade to a very high 3 point locking system if required.

See the latest Carteck insulated hinged doors in our shop >

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Yes you can, we now have a good selection of sectional door manufacturers with purpose made options within our shop facility.
You will see standard sizes for all the sectional garage doors on our website and also purpose made sizes where available.
The Carteck range of sectional doors are available to order purpose made in the online shop.
All the Carteck, Hormann and Seceuroglide sectional doors are available to order as purpose made sizes in our online shop.
Cut Down Sizes
We can offer you made to order sizes taken from standard sizes but only on the double skinned doors. The end sections are removed in the factory and the door is simply cut on a machine to size and then the endplate sections refitted. The height is similar and a new top hat section refitted however there are limitations in the sizes depending on certain factors. A good example is on a Georgian panelled door where you obviously cannot cut into the panels as this would not look good at all!
Purpose Made Sizes
You can have a sectional garage door purpose made in more ways than just the size, this includes the operating mechanism too. For example if you have a high ceiling you may specify a Hormann LPU42 sectional door with higher lifting tracks than the normal N track mechanism to take the tracks up and close to the high ceiling to keep them well out the way. This is the H track mechanism and needs discussion before ordering. We are happy to quote from dimensions given.
For any queries regarding purpose made sectional doors please email or call us for prices and specifications.


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