Recommended Garage Doors

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Recommended Garage Doors

Recommended Garage Doors

See our current recommendations for just some of the garage doors available on our site:


Standard Steel Up and Over DoorsHormann Steel up and over garage door
For a standard, easy to fit steel up and over garage door take a look at our GDO range, available with or without a steel fixing frame.
For a wider range look no further than the Hormann Series 2000 range of steel one piece up and over doors for the very best in quality, strength, style, finish and, best of all, they are pretty much the best price garage doors right now!! There are cheaper steel up and over doors available, but the difference in quality is very apparent once you begin to install and use the Hormann up and over door and compare the steel pressing quality and thickness of steel used in the panels.
Garador are as good, with slightly different styles, but also a made to measure range of up and over and matching side doors. They use exactly the same high quality operating gear as Hormann as they are owned by Hormann outright.
Standard sizes only for installation to a timber sub frame or doors can be purchased with a box section steel fixing sub frame already factory fitted, making this door about the easiest garage door to install of any doors available. The handle is the only part not already fitted and that is only one screw!

GDO Steel Standard Up and Over Doors >

Hormann Steel Up and Over Doors >

Garador Steel Up and Over Doors >

Standard Size Timber Up and Overs

The best up and over timber doors for overall value for money are also currently produced by Hormann. With a wide range of standard widths and heights and the option of specifying a factory fitted box section steel sub frame for easy installation these are very easy doors to install. A wide range of cedarwood panels built into a tried and tested steel chassis system gives a timber door with very stable and long lasting properties. Factory finished wood treatment colours are also widely available.
All the doors up to 8 feet wide are offered with either canopy or retractable operating gear and all doors can be manual or electrically operated.

Hormann Timber Up and Over Doors >

High Quality Timber Doors Standard and Purpose Made

Woodrite timber up and over garage doorsThe Woodrite range of timber garage doors are simply about the best you can buy in the UK currently. They use modern and traditional joinery methods, a very high quality timber selection and an extensive range of styles and gearing options.
If you want a solid, joinery-made, timber garage door then take a look at the range that Woodrite offer. Also available is a complete range of Idigbo, composite Oak and Accoya hardwood timber doors to match any oak timber used on a project, but without the weight, price and instability.

Woodrite Timber Up and Over Doors >

Maintenance Free GRP Up and Over Doors

There have been many GRP door manufacturers over the years, but many have varied in quality too much and the price differences are enormous between various levels of the same door design offered in different built types, i.e. thicker panel, finished inside, extra locking, etc.
For a no nonsense, high quality GRP up and over door range that has a good range of styles and woodgrain effect finishes, be sure to browse at the GDO range of doors. Garador also offer a fine range of high quality GRP garage doors.

Garador GRP Up and Over Doors >

GDO Composite GRP Up and Over Doors >


roller garage doorsBasic Budget Steel Roller Garage Door
Roller shutter garage door
For a steel single skin basic roller shutter door which is made to order and designed to install straight onto the inside face of your brickwork opening, then Gliderol roller doors provide the solution. This door has been around for many years in the UK now and is still the same in principal as it always was. The door curtain is a continuous steel sheet curtain plastisol coated finish to the front and available in 12 standard colour options with three further woodgrain design finishes in Rosewood, Mahogany and Golden Oak. These doors are made up to 16’ (4877mm) wide and 10’ (3048mm) high with or without an electric motor option.

electric insulated roller garage doorBasic Budget Insulated Aluminium Roller Door
For a great, fully compliant, no frills aluminium roller door - look no further than the Samson SupaRolla. A made to order door, the Samson SupaRolla is fitted with very reliable internal mechanics and control panel. It is ideal if you want the benefits of double skinned aluminium slat construction and electric operation with the very latest in safety for anti-stop and anti-drop. Ignore anything that is cheaper than this roller door in aluminium as it may well be problematic. If you require a lower price than this door, look into the Gliderol steel roller door, it will last longer than a cheap aluminium roller door.

Samson SupaRolla >

GDO Europa >

roller garage doorsInsulated Electric Aluminium Roller Garage Doors
We have been quite open about our recommendation for this type of roller door for many years for those who want the best, and it is simple to explain. The SWS Seceuroglide was one of THE original insulated aluminium roller garage doors to come onto the UK market, and it still remains one of 
the best today. It isn’t the most expensive or the cheapest, but it is one of the best by far. The SeceuroGlide has always been manufactured as a  fully compliant roller door, with regulations governing the safety of automatic garage doors in the UK; regulations that some companies choose to ignore.
Remote control and electrically operated as standard, the door has a patented locking system far superior to any others. If you want a good quality, electric operated aluminium roller garage door with excellent security features, SeceuroGlide is a great option. 

SeceuroGlide Insulated Roller Doors >

Hormann and Gliderol also produce high quality insulated roller garage doors, however they don’t have the locking system of SeceuroGlide and this is important to many customers. However these are still very high quality roller doors.

See our more comprehensive Roller Garage Door Comparison page > for more information on the best roller doors to consider.



swing type hinge garage doorsSteel Side Hinged Garage DoorsCarteck side hinged garage door
Often overlooked as a very real alternative to timber side hinged garage doors, we offer the Garador and our own GDO range of single skin steel side hinged doors. Garador side hinged doors are standard or made to order sizes, with a factory pre-fitted steel box section fixing frame for easy installation. Hinges, locks and weather strips are all factory fitted before delivery. White powder coat is the standard finish both sides and colour options are available. GDO side hinged doors are available in steel and a single option alternative to timber.

GDO Side HInged Steel Garage Doors >

Garador Side Hinged Steel Garage Doors >

swing type hinge garage doorsInsulated Steel Side Hinged Doors
A fairly niche category, but doors are available from Carteck with high levels of insulation using the same door panels to produce these doors as used for their superb insulated sectional door range. The 42mm, double-skinned steel panels provide excellent strength and insulation with the foam-filled panels. The additional use of weatherseals on all sides that are built into the steel fixing frame, as well as the rebated edge of the door panel, give the best possible weather resistance. There are some excellent finishes available too, and the doors are all made to measure for the best fit every time.

Carteck Side Hinged >

swing type hinge garage doorsPre-assembled Timber Side Hinged Doors
The Garador cedar wood, side-hinged garage doors are the easiest timber doors to install as they call come pre-fitted with a box section, powder coated steel sub-frame, meaning you only have to offer the door and frame into the opening fix the steel frame and they are ready to use. The main door leaves are a sturdy box section framework that have quality cedar wood designs inserted, giving a stable pair of side hinged doors with hinges, locking and weather seals already factory fitted when the door is delivered. Designs are limited, but the classic designs are there for a quality timeless look.

overhead sectional garage doorBasic Sectional Garage Doors – Single Skin SteelHormann LPU 67 Sectional garage door

This category is taken by Hormann again for their LTE 42 range offering a single skin, steel sectional door range with a wide variety of panel designs and colours. All the doors are either manual or remote control electric operated, and if you make some comparisons, you may well find many of the larger width sizes offer better value than the steel up and over doors but with a lot more for your money!

Hormann Steel Sectional Door Range >

overhead sectional garage doorInsulated Sectional Garage Doors
A lot of variations occur from one sectional door manufacturer to another, and this is normally down to sizes available and types of operation mechanisms offered, meaning that one may fit perfectly and another will still fit the same garage opening but with some compromises. For example, the Carteck sectional doors offer many more standard intermediate heights than the Garador or Hormann doors, and have a standard headroom requirement of only 115mm due to the springs being in steel trays alongside the horizontal tracks. This means that you can, more often than not, optimise your garage opening height with a Carteck, and it is still a standard door on a 2-3 week delivery.
We would suggest you look carefully at the Hormann and Carteck ranges when looking for a double skinned insulated sectional door. If you are building a new garage, the Hormann door correctly specified and ordered will nearly always prove to be the best value for money if you are looking at standard sizes, and will be the easiest to install.

Hormann Sectional Garage Doors >

overhead sectional garage doorMaximise Your Opening Heights
For replacement garage doors specifically, the Carteck may offer you better options for maximising your opening heights as a range of intermediate sizes are available in the standard door range. The Carteck has the total quality you expect from a German made steel product, as well as a unique spring lifting mechanism that requires only 120mm of headroom.
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