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Why Choose a GDO Double Skin Steel Side Hinged Garage Door?

10 Reasons to Choose Double Skin Steel Side Hinged Doorsets

You cannot really compare any of the latest, insulated, double skin, steel hinged garage doors to other swing type garage doors on the market today. In the UK we have been used to fairly low quality softwood timber side hinged doors for years now and other options out there include pressed steel and GRP composite doors, which have their place for sure.

The latest ranges of technically advanced and pre assembled steel 'doorsets' we offer are a massive leap forward for anyone wanting a set of side hinged garage doors with some strength, stability and security, all prepackaged as a doorset with the outer frame always included and all hinged and furniture professionally factory fitted and ready to go. Site installation is so simple..

Whatever you thought you wanted for a garage door please take time to look at the various double skin steel swing doors we offer as they are definitely worth the price tag and investment....


What Do You Get as Standard?

1.  Totally stable door leaves using 40mm luxe thick double skinned steel sandwich, with a solid foam core centre. The panels will not warp like cheap softwood timber panels will. They are also prefinished and guaranteed with the colours and woodgrain finishes on offer. No painting or upkeep required, just an occasional clean like anything outside should have.

2.  No twisting, cracking or paint peeling. The galvanised steel panels are powder coated to a very high quality and there are also timber woodgrain laminate options. The sub frame is also factory painted and usually manufactured from aluminium profiles providing the very best resistance to corrosion. The overall integrity is superb, providing peace of mind for many years to come..

3.  Security. With the panel strength comes greater levels of overall integrity and security. The door panels are very strong and when fitted with a multi point locking system using a europrofile cylinder locking these doors will give you peace of mind against potential break ins.

4.  Pre assembled. The entire door is manufactured as a ‘doorset’ - a completely finished product delivered to your door with all the sub frame, hinges, locking, handles, door stays and threshold in place and perfectly assembled ready for the entire doorset to be offered up into the opening and secured to the aperture. Guaranteed quality and tolerances. Tested and certified.

5.  Made to measure. Although we have some standard sizes most of the doors are made to measure as standard for the perfect fit in your opening, maximising the final opening sizes and also ensuring the best fit and minimum sub frame packers.

6.  Operation. Practical daily use, if you enter your garage mainly on foot then side hinged doors are a perfect solution. Easy operation, minimal maintenance and a simple lever handle operation to enter with only half the total door open. Of course, we also offer many of the door styles in a 1/3rd and 2/3rd split to make it even easier to use the doors with a pedestrian access sized door in place. If you enter your garage all the time on foot then definitely consider this option and layout...

7.  Insulation. Although most insulated garage doors (side hinged and roller doors) will not have an actual stated and tested door 'U' value rating, the level of insulation offered by the 40mm thick insulated panels is very good indeed, making your garage a far more stable and pleasant atmosphere throughout the year. Ideal if you use your garage as another room generally to your main house. We can provide tested and certified side hinged doors with stated U values, but they are currently limited in designs. This will continue to change as developments take place for sure.


8.  Style. We now offer the double skinned insulated steel doors in a very popular traditional design with 6 or 8 windows per door leaf and vertical boarding design. Compared to the price you would pay for just a softwood timber pair of doors in this style the end results are miles apart in terms of durability, security and longevity. Many of the doors are in horizontal and vertical line designs, contemporary and traditional in their aesthetics, but the addition of various window designs along with stainless steel elements can totally transform the final effect along with your home. Modern, or traditonal there is a design for your home.

9.  Price. Although at first glance the prices might look high on some of the designs, you have to understand this includes literally everything!. When you consider the time taken to gather all the extra hardware and furniture required and then the paint or woodstain for treating timber doors, and then the installation time too, which generally needs to be a professional carpenter as the frame, door leaves and all the furniture is assembled on site, the preassembled doorsets will start to make complete sense and be a guaranteed quality of final finish.

10.  Guaranteed. The ‘doorset’ principal is nothing new to other countries and is fast catching on in the UK. The principal is obvious and the results are also obvious, when you end up having a totally guaranteed set of doors, furniture locking and sub fixing frame, all built to the same standards each time and providing the same results once fitted on site. Never relying on a site installation and all the various ways different trades people might choose to approach the installation of multiple components with no guaranteed outcome or standard to adhere to.

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