Ryterna Midrib Woodgrain Design (4 Colour Options) garage door Steel Ryterna

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Ryterna Midrib Woodgrain Design (4 Colour Options) Steel Side Hinged - insulated
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Side Hinged - insulated Steel GEAR TYPE: Side Hinged

Ryterna Insulated Side Hinged Doors are made to order, low maintenance and robust. With many options and accessories available and endless design options.

Max. 3000mm wide and 3000mm high. Max. leaf width 1450mm.

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The Ryterna Midrib Side Hinged Garage Doors in Woodgrain finish combine traditional appearance and modern design.

Standard Options:

> Threshold S5A (sloping) - Flat-packed on site assembly frame. Universal.
> Door stays
> 50/50 split ONLY (except Georgian design)
> 60mm x 80mm rebated frame
> Aluminium, Black or White handle set
> Europrofile single point lock with 5 keys
> Integral locking shut-bolts to fixed leaf
> Leaf's and frame the same colour

The double skinned steel sections are filled with Freon-free PU foam. As a result providing excellent thermal and acoustic insulation for your home. The leaves are fitted with an extruded aluminium 'h' section profile which also contains tubular rubber seals. Due to these features the doors have a perfect round perimeter seal to the frame keeping weather out.

To eliminate draughts and keep the elements out the 'P' section side hinged door frames are rebated to fit the leaves. They are constructed from 2mm thick steel mitred corners and welded reinforcement for strength. Furthermore we zinc coat, prime and powdercoat frame steel for extra durability. Frame with mouldings could be a good choice if the door is fitted flush with the front wall. As standard 40 x 60mm rectangular tubular frame, other options are available upon request.

Leaves are connected to the frame using high quality aluminium alloy hinges. Each hinge is equipped with a roller bearing for a smooth opening and closing action. In addition hinges are adjustable in two directions. This feature means that your door will always keep perfect shape despite how intensively it will be exploited.

Colour and Panels
Door frames and leaves are painted the same colour as standard but you can specify different e.g. door leaves in red and frame in white colour. Please let us know if this is required.

Locks and Handles
Door supplied with single point locking as standard.
Upgrade available for 3 Point Locking: With a simple turn of the key you can activate the lock with a single latch and 3 deadbolts.

Standard lever handle sets are available in white, black or aluminium at no extra charge.

Door Stays: As standard the side hinged doors are supplied with a pair of original door stays with adjustable opening angle. Therefore you can adjust the door opening angle between 90° and 140° which is important in narrow or cornering driveways. Door stays keep leafs in open position and prevent doors from colliding with the walls or car.

Espagnolette Lock: You can upgrade second leaves locking from standard flush bolts to 'espagnolette' lock. As a result you can simply and easy operate the high security solid locking bars from one high quality conveniently situated lever handle.

Hinge Bolts: Hinge bolts increase security and prevent unwanted lifting or levering of door leafs in an attempted break-in.

Installation Instructions are provided with every door.

Warranty terms:
•    The 10-year warranty is granted for Ryterna garage door sections from rust –through perforation, delamination, and disintegration.
•    5-year warranty is given for wearing parts such as springs, cables, drums, rollers, hinges on residential sectional garage doors TL, R40 under normal use of max 5 open-close cycles per day.
•    5-year warranty on springs, cables, drums, rollers, hinges on industrial sectional doors TLP under normal use up to 10 open-close cycles per day.
•    Nonstandard color painted doors and doors cladded in Okoume, Retro, Alumax and other special design doors, the 2-year warranty period is applied.
•    Visual inspection of door panels should be done at distance not less than 3m from the door.
•    2-year warranty for wearing parts of SH1, SH2 and SSD type doors.

Warranty is applicable only in the country where the door was purchased through the authorized distribution channels. To enable warranty claim to be proceeded, undersigned warranty card (in user manual) and original invoice with date of purchase should be provided.

The warranty does not cover:
•    Mechanical damages due to improper transportation or portage.
•    Mechanical damages due to improper installation, maintenance and operation.
•    Normal wear and tear.
•    Deflection of door sections because of heat absorption – Bi-metal effect (Dark color doors should be avoided to be exposed to direct sunlight).
•    Color shade changes caused by natural environment influence.
•    Humidity condensation.
•    Damages caused due to improper storage of the product (in humid environment, outdoor, and (or) longer than 3 moths)  
•    Damages caused by absence of regular maintenance (proof-book registered)
•    Damages due to use of non-origin parts.
•    Damages caused due to external influences such as salt, fire, water, acids, alkali, abnormal environmental influences (e.g. salty water coastal regions)    
•    Warranty claim can be enabled only in presence of production number on the product.

Damages or defected goods should be claimed in 5 working days after delivery. Damages made during the transportation should be fixed at unloading. Report must be made before installation if door parts are damaged during transportation, have scratches or dents or missing parts.
Images must be attached with damaged parts still in the package. If sending close up image, please make sure to send another one from the distance, so that packaging could be seen.

Ryterna Insulated Side Hinged Garage Door Measuring Guide Dimensions

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