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Yes, they certainly can be, as long as the door is from a reputable manufacturer, who has spent time developing the door and giving serious thought to the way the door will hold firm when fully closed. You wouldn’t buy a ‘door’ of any kind if the truth was that it had no locking or security to speak of, would you? The fact is many cheap roller doors don’t have any form of locking and the curtain you see from outside is just hanging there.

The good news is they can be secure and there are many reasons why they are secure.

  • Most roller garage doors are fitted behind a structural opening so the guides either side are not even seen or cannot be accessed, this reduces the chance of forced attack attempts. Of course various models have different size guides and quality too.
  • No handles, or at least in the case of electric roller doors anyway. The lack of a handle means a lack of focal point for an attack from a would be intruder. The only way to operate the door is usually by a key, a remote control, or an internal push button control panel.
  • The strength in the actual slats used for the door curtain. As you might expect there are different qualities and strengths in the slats used for roller doors. The popular 77mm double skinned slats might all look the same, but they are definitely not and the same for the 55mm slats. They originate from various countries into the UK, with a couple of slat manufacturers actually in the UK, but certainly the quality varies a lot, along with the price and quality of paint finish too. Strong slat equals harder to cut or break..
  • Anti lift mechanisms. Various manufacturers use different forms of mechanical systems to hold the curtain down when closed from inside. Some don't bother and just sell on price. The systems can be very secure when executed properly and provide superb resistance to a forced break in attempt. Certified security is what to look out for if security is your main concern and you aim to provide the best security for your garage and contents.
  • Rolling code technology in the remote control systems. Slightly over the top maybe but some people have perhaps been the victims of code grabbing in the past. Someone hiding nearby to read and copy your outgoing signal from your transmitter to then use later simply isn't possible with rolling code systems.

GarageDoorsOnline will tell you exactly what to expect with the various roller doors we offer online but they are all manufactured by established and reputable manufacturers, we can guarantee that part. They are fully compliant in all ways for the UK market and we do have higher security model options for anyone concerned about security.

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