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If you have an existing steel sub frame then you are most likely to have an up and over type garage door as your existing door and you cannot re-use this sub frame with a new door. This is because the dimensions, spring mechanism, weatherstrips and general fixing points will all be different for any new door.
If you have a timber sub frame already in place that is in good condition then you can certainly re-use it with a new garage door on a like for like size basis.
Make sure you specify the internal dimensions of the timber frame as the ordering size for the up and over door - width first and then height.
Do be aware that a lot of older up and over doors will be on older imperial sizing and you may find if you order a new door the old frame may be slightly larger than it should be but it will still work fine in most cases, it may just give you larger gaps around the edges of the door panel than you expected. You are generally always best to replace the sub frame when renewing a garage door and gear.
To check properly you are best to measure the inside frame dimensions and also the face width of the timber frame as some old timber frames can be undersized and will not carry newer type garage door operating gear which is nearly always a fraction wider than the older gear.
We don't have a table for this as there are so many older garage door types so best measure everything before talking to us if you are intending leaving the frame in place and have any questions. Generally however if you are replacing a door with a timber frame you will be better off with a new door and steel frame instead.
The only rough rule of thumb to apply is that if a timber sub frame is at least 70mm wide all round, or larger, it will take the installation of the operating gear of any new UP and OVER garage door. For roller doors and sectional doors different sizes apply altogether.

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