Do the colour finished garage doors take longer for delivery

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Generally yes they do, but it depends on the door type and the colour you choose. A coloured garage door where you have to pay extra for the different finish normally means it will add a week or two to the delivery time.
This is the general rule of thumb for the door types on our site:
Up and Over Garage Door - Standard finish is white from the factory and you have a choice of a few standard RAL colours in a powdercoat finish which will add a week or two to delivery.
The laminate woodgrain finishes available on the Hormann and Garador ranges are ex stock as they are manufactured with this finish already on the panel.
For any of the timber garage doors the factory finishing options available will generally not delay the delivery if it is a Woodrite or Cedar door. For the Hormann or Garador it may add a week or 2.
GRP garage doors are not affected by any choices made as they all go through the same finishing process.
Sectional Garage Doors - Again, white is the standard factory finish and the Decograin or Woodgrain finishes offered by Hormann, Carteck and Garador are ex stock, so not affected. If you require one of the standard RAL colours offered in a limited range by these manufacturers it will add 2 weeks generally and if you require a special RAL colour the delivery time can be up to 6 weeks in total.
Insulated Roller Doors - All the colours offered for double skinned aluminium roller doors are stock colours so there are no delivery implications. The only delays that occur are when you may choose a slightly obscure laminate finish and it is not in stock due to being a non popular finish and this can make delivery up to 6 weeks rather than the normal 2-3 weeks.
Single Skin Steel Roller Doors - No difference on delivery for any of the colours offered. They are all stock finishes including the laminate woodgrain finishes.
Side Hinged Doors - The same as up and over in most respects for delivery times. White is standard in steel with colours adding 2 weeks. For timber door the fully finishing does not make any difference and for GRP doors the colours are all done in the same way so it makes no difference what colour you choose. Some manufacturers may offer special colours if required and this will take extra time, possibly up to 3 weeks extra.
For the very latest delivery times for any door it is best to email or call us directly on (01926) 463888 or visit the Delivery Page.

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