What are the lead times for side hinged garage doors

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The attraction for most of our hinged garage doors is the purpose made aspect to maximise the aperture size, but also provide the very best installation in the opening with the best overall integrity once fitted.

Our lead times for nearly all our side hinged garage doors are around 4-6 weeks minimum because they are all made to order in every aspect..

We do offer some fast delivery side hinged garage doors which have limited, but very popular colour options and then a range of several standard sizes which mean we can process in the factory faster as they use the same hinges, sub frame and furniture specifications.
These Fast Delivery options will be 7 - 10 working days after confiming your order details. The sizes cover around 90% of single garage openings in the UK with some packing or cladding maybe required if slightly undersized.

The longest delivery times are currently on the Hormann and Composite GRP hinged doors with up to 14 weeks for delivery.

For the latest upadte on our SIDE HINGED DELIVERIES - CLICK HERE >

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