What are the order size references for gliderol steel roller doors

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The Series A and AA Gliderol single skin steel roller doors are ordered differently to most other roller garage doors in that you follow a simple set of rules which are made easier as this door cannot be installed inbetween a garage opening - you always have to install the guides and support brackets behind a structural opening or framework.
The order size reference is the opening width required plus the guides but not allowing for the fixing lugs at all.
The A series doors (singles) have 50mm added to the opening width and the AA series (doubles) have 100mm added to the opening size.

Steel Line roller garage door key measurements

For example you have a garage brickwork opening of 2300 then you order the door width as 2350mm, simple, but you do have to be aware you require more width for the fixing lugs and the support brackets for the roll itself. The installation dimensions are always larger than the order sizes (width and height) on the Gliderol continuous curtain roller door series.
For the ordering height you simply order the opening height without the curtain roll which varies in diameter depending on the door height itself. Wherever possible and if you are not quite sure then you can order higher than you think and always cut the guides if required on site, these doors do have a great degree of flexibility in installation.
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Gliderol roller door inside view

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