What controls are best for an electric roller garage door

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We recommend you think about this a lot more these days as so many customers are not putting a vehicle into their garage (over 65% according to the RAC in a recent report!)

Button Control
If you have an integral garage or your garage is away from your house and you have to walk to it every time, then why not consider either a wall mounted push button inside the side access door or a key switch control outside, next to the door?
Many people would benefit from carrying a key, maybe in a bunch of keys for other purposes and operating their garage door using this key. If you enter the garage from your house or by a side door, then a simple wall mounted push button control also makes sense.
If this is set as ‘hold to run’ then you won’t require the safety beams or safety edge detection systems required for remote control doors, saving money and extra electronic components too.
We offer these types of roller doors in our shop for simple ordering ad the simplest installation too.

Remote Control Operation
If you access your garage sitting inside your car then this option makes perfect sense of course. The roller door industry has got into the habit of simply offering a 2 remote handset package for electric garage doors of all kinds and this is fine for many people of course. You can add extra remote handsets and also get multiple channel transmitters if you have more than one garage door. You also have an internal wall switch in the control panel in most cases.
Remote control with handsets makes sense but you still have to have your handset to operate and the button or key control makes more sense for many people. Either way the doors will usually be the same, just the controls are different.

Smart APP Control
The future? For sure, for many people having a roller garage door even with smart ready technology would be sensible. Control your garage door from anywhere in the world, but also add accessories to enhance security and control too. Maybe give a parcel delivery driver access or a one time passcode to a key pad and so on. The options are extensive with a smart control integration and not expensive either.

Manual Operation
Good old lift up and pull down manual operation is still relevant to many people for various reasons.  A spring assistance and a locking system integrated. We offer a few of these manual operated doors and the only limitation is size with most doors only available up to around 3m wide (10 feet) simply because of weight and balancing the door.

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