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The ThermoFrame is a set of seals designed to enhance the insulation properties of an LPU42 Hormann Sectional Garage Door.
The Hormann LPU42 is a 42mm thick double skinned and foam filled insulated garage door constructed from individual panels providing great strength and super levels of insulation. The door is ideally installed BEHIND the garage structural opening and then provides the very best insulation and security. It can be installed in-between the opening, but then the single skin steel side frame and/or head frame becomes a non insulated section BUT many doors are installed in-between due to internal restrictions and the door will still provide a far higher level of insulation than a standard up and over or roller shutter door.

Hörmann has developed the ThermoFrame frame connection, a plastic profile that can be simply fitted together with the door frame. 
This creates a thermal break between the frame and the brickwork, improving thermal insulation by up to 15%*. The optional ThermoFrame frame connection is available for all Hörmann sectional doors.
* For a double-skinned sectional garage door LPU size 5000 × 2125m.

The introduction of the Energy Performance Certificate for all homes bought, sold or rented has led to increased demand for these doors in the UK recently and when your garage is integral to your house or you spend a lot of time in your garage as it is used as a workshop, office, study of gym then some real thermal efficiency may well be a good idea for such a small outlay over the cost of the door itself.
Only consider the ThermoFrame if you are having the door installed BEHIND the structural opening as this is the only way it can be installed and work efficiently. You can of course create a behind fit even when you are effectively in-between your structural opening by fitting a softwood or hardwood timber frame to provide a face to install the door frame behind and then use the ThermoFrame as well. This may seem primative with the modern steel and aluminium frames available but it will work very effectively and maybe you even need a timber frame to match other doors or windows on your property in colour or style?
The ThermoFrame is an optional extra, if this is something that you require please ask for further information and prices.

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