Which are the best swing out hinged type garage doors to buy

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Like any door, of any kind, the best one is the one which best fits the purpose and performance you require from it..

Side Hinged or 'Swing' type garage doors can offer high levels of performance, but if you don't need any performance then you can look at the more budget friendly pressed single skin steel doors.

If you just need a basic door offering some security and protection from the weather, but also have design options which match your house style or colours, then take a look at the GDO or Garador single skin steel hinged doors.
They offer a simple solution in many different styles and we always recommend you buy the doors with a steel fixing sub frame. This steel sub frame will come prefitted, with all hinges, locks and weatherseals fitted, not only giving you preset tolerances but also the easiest installation on site.
Whilst you don't get any insulation to bother speaking about, you will get a strong and reliable set of hinged garage doors, which you can also order as a 2/3rd and 1/3rd split to provide a pedestrian access door for frequent access on foot..

If you would like some performance in terms of insulation from heat, cold and sound, but also higher levels of security then take a look at our Carteck, GDO, Hormann and Ryterna double skinned steel doors, with a foam core insulation in the panels.
These doors have 40 - 45mm thick insulated door leaves and are available in many stylish design, either modern or tradtional and when you order any of the doors with windows you will be getting double glazed units as standard..
These really are the best side hinged garage doors to buy in terms of overall performance, longevity, durability and value for money. The prices might look high on first glance, but consider there is literally nothing else to buy, the doorset is a complete package with eveyrthing included as well as a guaranteed coloured or woodgrain finish.. On top of all that the doors will arrive all pressembled in factory conditons and ready for the easiest on site installation saving a lot of time and money too..

If you are a traditonal timber lover them simple take a look at our Cedar and Garador timber hinged door ranges offering some standar  d and totally purpose made sizes in many different styles and all offered with the benefits of a factory finish.

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