What makes Hormann Doors so special?

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What makes Hormann Doors so special?

What makes Hormann Doors so special?

You cannot buy a Hormann Garage Door at Wickes or B&Q or any other high street retailer. Hormann only supply their products to their own approved distributors. Why? Yes, why indeed. Probably it is to ensure that they are properly sold by people who really understand and specialise in garage doors, people who believe it is important to sell the correct garage door to their customers, who care that the door will satisfy their customers’ requirements.

The manufacturing standards are incredibly stringent, the materials used of the highest quality, the finish – quite simply - is superlative. What is surprising is that you can actually buy a Hormann garage door from Garagedoorsonline for similar prices to inferior garage doors available for sale on the high street. Every component is either zinc or galvanised plated for optimum protection and long lasting durability including the springing system.

Hormann Canopy Doors

The Hormann canopy garage door earns it’s name by virtue of the fact that the fully opened garage door panel protrudes about a third forward of the sub frame literally forming a canopy. The quality of the Hormann door is barely comparable to the basic do-it-yourself products sold through the high street stores.

  • The Hormann canopy garage door is the simplest and easiest type of garage door to install.

  • The Hormann canopy garage door gives the maximum drive-through width when open.

  • The door is balanced and assisted by torsion springs positioned above the door panel on the head of the fixing frame.

  • The canopy garage door steel sub frame is available with the standard 75mm steel sub frame legs, or if your structural opening is too narrow to accept the standard frame then size 60mm legs are available.

  • The Hormann canopy garage door is covered with a 10 year manufacturer’s warranty

  • The Hormann canopy door mechanism is available up to 8 feet (2438mm) wide.

  • Canopy garage doors are generally not really recommended if the garage door is to be automated. However, with the use of a good quality 'bow arm converter' and a powerful electric operator this type of door can be automated successfully and safely.

Installing a Hormann Canopy Door

Hormann canopy garage doors come with all the necessary parts already factory fitted ready to install either to an existing timber frame or delivered with the steel sub frame factory fitted. The only part to actually fit to the door is the handle set. It is highly recommended that you purchase a steel sub-frame.

  • Affix the steel sub frame to the structural opening using the set of steel brackets supplied; 3 down each side of the frame, one at the head.

  • Once the door is secured to the structural opening (or timber frame) remove the 2 transport screws.

  • Fit the handle set.

  • Open the door to approximately 12 inches – check that both cables are located on the drum.

  • Open the door fully - the spring tension will be already factory set.

  • Lubricate all moving mechanical parts with light oil such as WD40

  • Your Hormann canopy door is now operational, and the tension can be adjusted if required to suit your needs.

You will now have a smooth, easy to operate canopy garage door.

Hormann Retractable Doors

The retractable garage door is fast becoming the more popular type of garage door mechanism used, its name derived from the garage door panel retracting fully into the garage when open.

Remember, the drive-through width on a retractable mechanism is always reduced as the lifting arms sit in between the sub-frame when the door is opened. Do be aware that if you have limited width you may not have enough drive-through width, especially on 7 feet wide (2134mm) doors or narrower.

The Hormann retractable door is the most suitable up and over door to fit a remote controlled operator (electric opener) to.

  • The retractable door mechanism can take much heavier loads, with tension springs at the sides easily increased in size and strength.

  • The Hormann retractable door has adjustable springs on both sides on the door in order to suit the weight of the panel. This is because there are around eight different adjustment positions

  • Something known as the "plus gear" is available. This means that the lifting arms are set higher in order to clear the car mirrors, thus allowing more use of the available drive-through width

  • The Hormann retractable garage door is covered with a 10 year manufacturer’s warranty to ensure that you feel secure in your purchase

Installing a Hormann Retractable Door

Just like the canopy door, the retractable Hormann door will be delivered with all the tracks and parts factory installed ready to fit. With the steel frame option, again the frame is factory fitted (but only on doors up to nine feet wide - larger doors have the steel frame as a separate pack which is easy to assemble). The retractable door hangs on horizontal tracks.

  • Affix the steel sub frame to the structural opening using the set of steel brackets supplied; three down each side of the frame, one at the head. On larger sized doors (13ft upwards) an additional floor bracket is supplied for optional fitting.

  • Lift and fit the horizontal tracks to either hang from the ceiling or fit to the side walls using the angle brackets provided.

  • Once the door is secured to the structural opening (or timber frame) and the horizontal tracks remove the two transport screws

  • Fully open the door to the horizontal position and the rollers drop into the indents at the rear of track which steadies the door – attach the springs and balance the door by adjustig the spring positions until the door balances correctly. You will know when the door sits, on its own, in the open position of 45 degrees

  • Open the door fully and ensure that the door is resting evenly on both stops. Secure this position by inserting screws (provided) into the spacer bar running between the horizontal tracks at the rear

  • Now fit the handle

  • Lubricate all moving mechanical parts with light oil such as WD40

  • You now have a fully operational door

Quite simply fitting a Hormann up and over door is elementary and easy, even for the less experienced do-it-your-self enthusiast!



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