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Safety Features Retractable Gear

The Hormann Retractable Operating Gear

The safety checklist for your old retractable garage door:

  • Do flexible plastic strips on the frame and door leaf prevent trapped fingers?
  • Is there a safety distance of 25mm between the lifting arm and the frame?
  • Does the bearing bracket have protective caps to prevent injury if inadvertently reached into?
  • Is the door safely and securely guided as well as protected against uncontrolled movements?
  • Are the tracks designed in such a way that it is impossible for the rollers to de-rail?
  • Is the door leaf safeguarded against crashing to the floor?
  • Is it guarenteed that even if a spring should break, an imbalance no greater than 200N is produced?
  • Are the springs safeguarded from being catapulted into the air?
  • Is the spring system designed in such a way that there is no risk of trapped fingers?
  • After opening, does the door come to a safe stop?
  • On power-operated up-and-over doors: are the maximum closing forces to EN 13241-1 complied with?

If you have answered no to any of these questions, your door is no longer safe and is in serious need of replacing before it causes an injury.

All Hormann retractable geared doors are tested and certified according to the high safety requirements and performance characteristics of the European Standard 13241-1. That gives you reassurance that your purchase of a Hormann up-and-over door is a safe investment. It is worthwhile making a comparison.

Hormann retractable up and over garage door

protective caps over the lifting arms to protect against trapped fingers and other injuries multiple spring safety system precision track guidance system

Protective caps over the lifting arms
Flexible plastic caps protect the entire joint area so there's no risk of trapped fingers.

Protective profiles on door lead and frame
Flexible plastic profiles down the sides act as reliable side trap guards between the door leaf and frame. Double garages have a flexible seal at the bottom to provide foot trap protection.

Multiple spring safety system
In the event that one of the springs should break, the others safeguard the door. A broken spring cannot fly off into the air. The springs are always optimally dimensioned depending on the door size and weight:
Single door type: 3-4 springs per side
Double door type: 6-10 springs per side.

Safety distance between springs
The distance between the spring windings is so small that even a childrens fingers are reliably protected.

Precision track guidance
prevents the door leaf from de-railing.

Unique track well
Once fully opened, the door is gently cushioned and always brought to a safe, reliable halt in the track well.

Easy fitting is time efficient
Hormann offers a steel fixing frame for all retractable doors. This frame makes an on-site timber frame redundant and saves valuable installation time as it is quick and easy to fit.

The benefits also apply to doors fitted to a timber frame.
burglar resistant latching to ensure your garage door is safe and secure
Burglar resistant latching
With the new unique latching system, the corners of the door leaf are firmly fixed to the frame making it impossible to lever the door open. An easy-to-install retrofit kit allows you to equip your garage door with top latching in addition.

4-point locking
If even more security is required a 4-point locking arrangement is available as a factory-fitted extra.

A smooth, quiet door action
Everything is perfectly matched: the 4-point suspension, the precision track guidance, the smooth-running plastic rollers, the plastic profiles down the sides (no steel on steel contact) and the adjustable spring assemblies.

Sturdy steel frame
Galvanized mild steel, welded into a wide robust box section construction gives the optional door frame great strength and stability. The finish is powder-coated.

Security locking
Factory-fitted profile cylinder locking is a standard feature. Two keys are provided for outside locking. Inside locking is by a snib positioned on the lock body. An internal "star" handle is also supplied. Master key locking is an optional feature.

Retractable Plusstar handle to ensure secure locking
Still conforming to the EN 13241-1 this gear allows for a clear drive through passage wider than the standard retractable gear.








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