Carteck Standard Ribbed 50 50 Split Vertical with Windows (39 Colour Options) garage door Steel Carteck

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Carteck Standard Ribbed 50 50 Split - Vertical with Windows (39 Colour Options) Steel Side Hinged - insulated
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Side Hinged - insulated Steel GEAR TYPE: Side Hinged

* Now available in width options up to 3000mm

All Carteck Side Hinged Doors are now manufactured with CONCEALED HINGES, come with 3-Part Threshold and will have a new CYLINDER SECURITY DOOR LOCK UPGRADE as standard  See Specification tab below for further details. 

Multiple grooves per panel give the effect of cladding in this design, a classic design for side hinged doors but the benefits of double skin steel panel design.

The Carteck side hinged steel garage doors are made to measure to the millimetre to maximise your garage opening, and with the box section aluminium outer frame, provide a perfect fit. These doors are simple to install, and are delivered with the sub frame, hinges and all other furniture factory fitted and ready to offer up into the opening. The double skin steel panel construction provides unrivalled strength and the foam filled panels also offer a good degree of sound and heat insulation. The overall package offers great security, with rebated edges and super strong hinges. Build your perfect set of side hinged garage doors below in our online shop. If there is a special request then please ask, as these doors can have many options which are not shown below as standard choices.

  • NEW - Concealed Hinges as Standard
  • 40mm Double skin steel panels provide insulation and security
  • Easy Fit With Pre Fitted Steel Sub Frame
  • Made to Measure to the millimetre
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Web Price from: £2,349.60 Inc. VAT
£1,958.00 Ex. VAT

The Carteck Standard Ribbed side hinged door is available in 50/50 split opening in a vertical design. 

The Carteck side hinged doors are built with 40mm thick interlocking panels that insulate and reduce sound transmission.

Carteck side hinged doors are built using the tried and tested panel strength of the very popular insulated sectional doors.

The 40mm double skinned steel panels are of the highest quality and provide great strength along with insulation against sound, cold and heat.

The outer fixing sub frame is a box section aluminium construction and along with the rebated top and sides of the panels create a great seal against weather whilst providing enhanced security levels. The doors are all made to measure to the millimetre with the ordering size and prices derived from the overall width and height of the doors with the frame included.
The doors will be delivered with almost everything already factory fitted for the very easiest on site installation and removing the need to hang the door leaves separately to the sub frame. The door leaves have already been set up in the factory and all that is required is the sub frame is fixed to the building structure.

Side hinged garage doors still make the most sense for so many garages particularly where a vehicle is not being stored inside. The insulation and security offered by the Carteck doors makes the choice even easier to make. If you use your garage for a workshop, gym, playroom, office, etc these doors make sense and if you access the garage regularly on foot they also make perfect sense too.

Domestic or Commercial use.
Excellent strength and locking offers great security and insulation for any garage, store room, warehouse or other building.

Carteck Side Hinged doors are supplied in Traffic White embossed woodgrain on the outside as standard and grey white embossed woodgrain on the inside (RAL 9002).

The inside face of the door panels are very easy to keep clean and have no unsightly bracing bars and locking mechanisms.

Door texture finish: Woodgrain, Smooth, Stucco or Micro Profile.

Choice of powdercoated colour options:
Bling White  TT9016
Ice Crystal Grey Aluminium
White Aluminium RAL 9006
Grey Aluminium RAL 9007
Light Grey RAL7 035
Window Grey RAL 7040
Quartz Grey RAL 7039
Umbra Grey RAL 7022
Slate Grey RAL 7015
Anthracite Grey RAL 7016
Anthracite Textured RAL 7016
Satin Metallic TT703
Jet Black RAL 9005
Steel Blue RAL 5011
Moss Green RAL 6005
Fir Green RAL 6009
Flame Red RAL 3000
Sepia Brown RAL 8014
Cream RAL 9001
Agate Grey RAL 7038
Silver Grey RAL 7001
Pebble Grey RAL 7032
Stone Grey RAL 7030
Mouse Grey RAL 7005
Basalt Grey RAL 7012
Graphite Grey RAL 7024
Granite Grey RAL 7026
Graphite Black RAL 9011
Signal Black RAL 9004
Gentian Blue RAL 5010
Pigeon Blue RAL 5014
Chartwell Green BS14 C35
Sage Green RAL 136010
Burgundy RAL 3004
Ruby Red RAL 3003
Terra BRown RAL 8023
Nut Brown RAL 8011
Light Ivory RAL 1015
Pure White RAL 9010

Fixing Sub Frame
All Carteck side hinged doors are factory fitted with a fully finished aluminium fixing sub frame to make installation easy and precise with tight tolerances where the door hinges and closes.
The doors are all made to order to ensure a perfect fit and maximise the width and height of your garage opening
The frame is finished in the same colour as the door panel colour chosen (please note RAL 9006 & RAL 9007 may not be an exact match).

Raised aluminium threshold supplied as standard for improved weather protection. Standard threshold is available at a cost reduction.

Window Options
Scratch resistant Polymer double glazing windows - Overall Size: 680 x 210,

Window frames are coloured to be similar to the door panel.

Selected Trend colours & wood design windows are finished in a complementary flat colour for Golden Oak (RAL8003), Rosewood (RAL8016), Night Oak (RAL8014), Textured Anthracite (RAL7016) and Ice Crystal Grey Aluminium (RAL9007).

3-Part Threshold now standard on all Carteck Side Hinged Garage doors
Containing a new bulb seal this will help to improve weather seaing at the bottom of the door. 
Being 3 part allows you to extend the end beyond the frame leg allowing a neater job and gives the option to line up with other, in-line, openings.  Extended lengths are available upon request.
Click here for further information.

3 Part Threshold strip now as standard on all side hinged garage doors

> Door Lock Cylinder Security Upgrade - To make it cheaper and easier to obtain replacement keys Carteck have upgraded their locking system, keys can now be sourced from local key cutters rather than via Teckentrup.  Additional benefits include:
- BS EN1303 Cylinder Security Grade 2
- Anti-drill and anti-pick design
- 3 keys as standard
- Break off system - designed to prevent the cylinder from being broken by including a 'sacrificial' section that is designed to break off in an attempt to break the cylinder is made, whilst leaving sufficient cylinder remaining to still operate the lock with a key. 

 Door Lock Cylinder Security Upgrade

> Stainless Steel Handles - High grade stainless steel handles and lock covers are tough and attractive.
> Double seals and mitred corners - In addition to the circumferential seal around the door leaf the door frame has a three sided seal for excellent draught reduction. Profiles are mitre jointed for a neat finish.
> Door stays - Protecting your door from slam closure on windy days these top grade, spring dampened stays hold the door securley in the open position.
> Flush bolt security - The inactive leaf is secured with flush bolts to the top and bottom of the leaf.
> Concealed Hinges - As part of their constant product development, Carteck have introduced Concealed Hinges to all Side Hinged doors, the benefits of this include:
- Easier trimming up process due to not having hinges at the edge of the door frame
- Only two hinges required per leaf, making adjustments faster and easier
- Improved sleek look
- No additional costs 
- Improved security by removing the visible point of attack and making it harder to lever open the door. 
See Installation tab for vidoe of how to adjust a concealed hinge. 

The door frame is a three side 53mm deep extruded aluminium profile with mitred corners and integral seals. An aluminium ramped low profile cill is also included.

Carteck side hinged drive through clearances.
Over frame less 75mm per side.
Height less 53mm for head.
Raised threshold = 16mm.

When ordering the measurements are based on maximum overall frame size.

DIN standard CE marked European sash lock and a pair of stainless steel round bar lever handles on 50mm diameter roses. A Euro profile cylinder and thumb turn with stainless steel escuthcheons is included as standard (double cylinder, key both sides is available as an option if required). The inactive leaf is fitted with top and bottom recessed lever action flush bolts. A stay is fitted to each leaf to hold the door in the open position.

Click here to view Technical Page to help with Measuring >

Please see the Declaration of Performance for performance details.

Installation details provided with the door.

The door is delivered with the frame, hinges and all major components factory fitted, ready for easy on-site installation.

Carteck packaging_1 Carteck packaging_2



2-year manufacturer’s guarantee
> on window units, hinges, locks, handles and stays
(opening/closing max. 5 times a day)

10-year manufacturer’s guarantee 
> on the panel against rust inside and outside
> on the steel splitting away from the foam
> on material and manufacturing faults of all immoveable frame parts, if it can be proved that they are inoperative or their use is impaired
> on floor seals, central seals, side seals and header seal against perishing

The guarantee does not apply to doors that are subjected to extreme conditions, e.g. corrosive influences resulting from use in a coastal climate with high salt content.

Carteck Standard Ribbed Woodgrain White Measuring Guide

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