GDO Milton with Windows (Inbetween Fit 9 Colour Options) Insulated Sectional Door garage door Steel GDO

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GDO Milton with Windows (Inbetween Fit - 9 Colour Options) Steel Sectional Doors
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Sectional Doors Steel GEAR TYPE: Side Springs

Manufactured in the UK these quality doors are made to measure to the mm (at no extra cost) and boast the fast delivery time of just 3-4 weeks. The improved fit combined with the 40mm thick double skinned insulated panels help both security and draft free installation.

The nature of vertical rising sectional doors help you to maximise the usable space both inside and outside of the garage.

This inbetween fit door allows you to maximise the of length of your garage. If replacing an existing door the previous frame may be a consideration.

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The classic Georgian look of the GDO Milton with windows door is handsomely enhanced with a row of rectangular windows across the top. Combining traditional elegance with all the benefits of modern manufacturing techniques this door perfectly combines style and performance.

This door is presented to you for inbetween fitting, with the door frame secured to the brickwork reveals of the garage entrance, this enables you to maximise the usable internal length of the garage but will reduce the entrance width by approximately 200mm. The nature of sectional doors is that they open vertically and allow you to make the most of your driveway space, parking as close as you like whilst still being able to open and close the door. 

Manufactured in the UK to the highest specification, our range of GDO Sectional doors are made to measure as standard for the perfect fit. The 40mm thick galvanized steel panels are insulated with CFC free foam and come with the 4 sided weatherseal to ensure a high level of insulation to aid heat retention and energy efficiency, perfect for multi-functional garage areas.  Combined with a sophisticated locking system the thick steel panels also keep your garage secure and protected from intruders. 

To further aid security this door is compatible with the Dexxo Pro Intruder alarm kit. It is also suitable to be used with the remote controlled Somfy motors for automatic open/closing functions, controlled by either a wireless keypad or remote controls for access. See 'Options' tab for further details.

GDO Sectional Door Options (INBETWEEN FIT DOORS)

Choose Frame Kit Colour and Head Section Size
The executive framing kit is included as standard for all the GDO sectional doors we offer for fitting INBETWEEN your garage opening. The framing kit is a very strong box section aluminium providing the face and fixing for the complete door mechanism. The minimum headroom for a GDO sectional door in manual only operation is 100mm and we offer the 130mm headroom option for a door fitted with an electric operator.
Standard finish is white at no extra charge or choose from a selection of colour options.

GDO Sectional Colour Options

Choose your Door Colour
We offer several high quality powder coated paint colour finishes on either the smooth or woodgrain embossed external door surface. The Laminate woodgrain finishes offer a wood effect finish with a 10 year manufacturers guarantee.
Choose Handle OptionGDO Handle option
Most sectional garage doors are sold with an electric operator so a handle is not necessary at all as the operator will do the locking and any external manual release can be incorporated into the top panel of the door. If the door is to be manually operated then choose one of the stylish round handles complete with europrofile cylinder locking and internal latching mechanism.

Remote Control Electric OperatorSomfy Dexxo
We have made sure the electric operators offered are fully compatible and certified with the GDO sectional door. Somfy is a world renowned brand offering the very best technology and all operators come complete with 2 hand held remote transmitters for controlling the operator.
Simple to fit and easy to set up. Choose from 2 different boom length depending on the for height required. ALL Somfy garage door operators have built in obstacle detection for complete safety should the door be obstructed during operation. The operator is also equipped with a built in light which activates when the operator is operational and remains on for a short time for convenience.
The Dexxo Compact operator is deisnged for sectional doors up to 7sqm. The Somfy Dexxo Pro 100 RTS motor is for doors up to 15sqm.
Intruder Alarm Kit
Add this simple device for additional security. 105db alarm which activates if the garage door has a forced attempt and is lifted by force. This is only available for the Dexxo Pro model operator.
Additional Control Devices
We offer 2 additional wireless control systems to operate the door.
A wireless radio switch for internal use providing a simple wall mounted push button control.

A wireless radio keypad for external use and offering door control by inputting a code which can be set by the user. Both systems have batteries internally for their power.
Battery Back Up System
This is a great device if you do happen to have the odd power cut in your household of want a secondary back up because you don’t have easy access to your garage other than the garage door. It offers several full movements of the door even when the mains power has failed.
Emergency Manual Release
If you simply have no other doorway into your garage and the door is the only means of entry and exit, then you must have an external manual release system incorporated. Choose from a factory fitted system or a self install on site. This is a simple key release device connected to the manual release on the inside and enables you to pull the manual release from the outside once you have unlocked the key cylinder in the top panel.

GDO Sectional Weatherseal
Weather Seal
This is a floor mounted rubber seal which gives additional wether protection when the rubber seal on the door comes down onto it. it is only recommended for use on a garage floor which is in reasonable order and isn’t a replacement for broken concrete or a floor with a slope inwards.

No guarantee is given for a full seal but it certainly offers greater protection because of having rubber seal abasing rubber seal when used.
*Remote Controlled Electric Operator
Please note that if you opt for a manual door with handles you will LOSE approximately 230mm clear passage drive through height.  Should you require any clarity or would like us to double check any technical specs or measurement diagrams, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

The GDO Sectional Overhead Garage Doors are manufactured for installation INBETWEEN the structural garage opening are supplied as standard with a full executive Framing Kit for the perfect fit and finish. 

The outer aliminium box section frame is supplied powdercoat finished and effectively creates a false face fit for installing the sectional door legs and mechanism to. 

- Unique track connecting system. Easier and cleaner than other sectional doors for a smoother running door
- Reinforced bracket with pre-fitted cables and springs
- Partially tensioned springs for the easiest installation on site
- Adjustable roller brackets and vertical tracks
- Just 100 mm headroom required for a manual operating door and 130 mm for electrical operation 

- All GDO Sectional garage doors are manufactured in the UK and made to measure as standard at no extra cost
- Vertical operation for the maximum use of your driveway and garage
- Rubber weatherseals around the entire perimeter for maximum weather protection (subject to a level floor)
- Maximum strength and insulation properties from a tried and tested set of door panels in various designs to choose from
- Feel secure and safe with the GDO sectional door offering far more performance than almost any other type of steel garage door
- 40mm double skinned galvanised steel sandwich construction panels with a foam filled core and excellent insulation properties
- All electric operator models offer obstacle detection as standard preventing any damage if the door is obstruction. 

Installation Instructions are provided with every door.


GDO Sectional Fitting Instructions.pdf

All GDO Sectional doors are guaranteed against defect of material or workmanship subject to correct installation, maintenance and operation for a period of 2 years from the date of purchase.

In addition Golden Oak and Rosewood textured woodgrain finishes carry a limited 10 year guarantee.

The inbetween installation door will be using the Executive framing kit as standard, this is a 100mm wide aluminium box section frame on 2 sides and reduces the structural opening width by at least 200mm on the width as well as either 100 or 130mm on the height - this gives the ordering dimensions. A tolerance should always be allowed for in these calculations and we recommend between 5-10 mm all round.

Width measurements should be taken in 3 places as a minimum and take the smallest measurement as it is inbetween. Take off 10-20mm on the width and then 5-10mm for the height from floor to lintel, again measured in 3 places to work out your ordering sizes.

GDO Made to Measure Insulated Sectional Door Dimensions In Between Fit

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