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Dimensions for GDO Sectional Garage Doors

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The GDO range of sectional garage doors are divided into the INBETWEEN and BEHIND fit options.  Whilst the door designs are primarily the same, the installation method and subsequently the measuring guidelines are different.


INBETWEEN FITCentre Ribbed door in Anthracite - inbetween fit

The inbetween installation door uses the Executive framing kit as standard, this is a 100mm wide aluminium box section frame on 2 sides, The structural opening width is reduced by at least 200mm on the width as well as either 100 or 130mm on the height - this gives the ordering dimensions.

We recommend that a tolerance of between 5-10mm all round should be allowed for in these calculations.

Width measurements should be the smallest of measurements taken in 3 different places.  Then take off 10-20mm on the width and 5-10mm for the height from floor to lintel, again measured in 3 different places to work out for your ordering sizes. 

GDO Made to Measure Insulated Sectional Door Dimensions In Between Fit




BEHIND FITGDO sectional door - ribbed in Rosewood

The behind fit installation door has the frame secured to the inside face of the garage enabling you to maximise the garage's entrance width, however, will reduce the garage length by approximately 100mm. 

GDO Made to Measure Insulated Sectional Door Dimensions Behind Fit

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