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GDO Insulated Sectional Doors

GDO - Sectional Doors Made Simple

Key Features of GDO Sectional Doors

  • Purpose made to measure as standard

  • 3-4 week delivery, made in the UKMade to Measure

  • 40mm Insulated panels

  • Best use of space inside and outside the garage


GDO Insulated Made to Measure Sectional Overhead Garage Doors

The GDO insulated sectional garage door range has been developed from over 35 years of sales and experience in domestic garage doors, looking at the regular issues and solutions available we have developed a sectional door to suit most UK properties in single and double width sizes up to 5.5m wide.

For the first time we offer sectional garage doors in 2 distinct ranges - sectional doors designed to fit BEHIND the structural garage opening and the same designs all offered to be fitted INBETWEEN the structural opening. Take your measurements, decide on the best place to fit your new sectional door and the rest is easy… All the GDO sectional doors are made to measure to the millimetre at no extra charge for the perfect fit and to maximise your garage opening.

Every GDO sectional garage door is constructed from a high quality galvanized steel double skinned and CFC free foam filled panel offering 40mm thick sectional door panels for maximum strength and insulation for your garage. We offer this range with the simplest side spring arrangement for the easiest on site installation and maintenance. If you do require sizes or special track arrangements outside of our online offering then please contact us for a quotation.

Behind fit measuring diagram for GDO sectional doors                 Inbetween fit measuring diagram for GDO sectional doors

Why Have a Sectional Garage Door?

A sectional garage door offers pretty much the best value for money of ANY garage door available in the UK today. There is far too much advertising and awareness for roller garage doors but they simply cannot offer the sizes, insulation and strength and security of a sectional door. A sectional door rises vertically just like a roller garage door, but the overall performance and strength is on a totally different level. Most roller garage doors sold in the UK are sold purely on headline low prices and they are not value for money at all, despite the marketing. You don’t have to look far into the details and performance to see how flawed a roller door can be compared to any sectional door.

A sectional garage door doesn’t not have any part which rubs against another apart from the wheels in the guides. A sectional door generally will last well over its 10 year guarantee and often well over 20 years. Most domestic insulated roller doors are lucky to last past 3 without some major issue and pretty much every door slat when rolling up and down contacts against another slat resulting in degradation of the paint finish outside. A 5 year old roller door can look 5 years or older where a sectional door probably will look the same as the day it was put in.

The performance is vastly higher on a sectional door because the door panels operate within a steel frame system which includes rubber seals all round and combined with a panel depth of nearly 2 inches deep the result is a door offering the best potential resistance to wind, rain, dust and then heat or cold in the various seasons. This is the garage door of choice for anyone who cares about the inside of their garage, whether it is for a classic and precious car or maybe used as an office, gym, workshop or similar? This is the nearest you will get and probably often exceed the performance of an average front entrance door on your home. 

Sectional Door AdvantagesSectional profile

  • Wider passage and drive through width and height.
  • When fitted BEHIND the structural garage opening it is possible to have the maximum width and height for your opening. Side Hinged, Up and Over and a roller door without the headroom available will all encroach on your drive through width and height when opened fully.
  • Sealed all round
  • The flexible and weather resistant rubber seals are on all side with a large rubber seal on the bottom of the panel for the floor. As long as the floor is level the sectional door will provide the best chance of preventing wind, rain and dust from entering your garage.


Space Saving

  • The biggest misconception is the sectional door taking up all the space inside the garage. For sure the design and mechanics dictate the door panels have to come into the garage when opening however the tracking is raised above the door height so unlike an up and over door the door panels will actually end up higher than the ordering height and not hang down to be obtrusive. When fitted behind the opening the tracking system keeps the door panels following a quite unobtrusive path enabling other parts of the garage to be used as required.

Different Shapes and Sizes

  • Because of the made to measure sizing and the fact the sectional door does not go through the opening when operating you can fit a sectional door behind any shape of aperture, square, arched or anything else.


  • The basic design and mechanics in a sectional door will ensure the very longest life span for a garage door. Strong galvanized and factory finished panels have a very long shelf life indeed. The gearing is all galvanised steel and manufactured to last with no moving parts. The side tension spring balancing method offers a simple spring system and the cables and rollers used are all of the highest quality requiring little or no maintenance at all. 
  • Put simply the sectional garage door is a very strong overall package but also has few parts under any real stress at all compared to other door types. Again, as mentioned already, these doors offer the best value for money as an overall package for sure.

The Designs 

Click on the doors below to view in our online shop:

GDO Aldway GDO Hayden GDO Hayden porthole GDO Hayden_Square window
Aldway (Inbetween fit)
Aldway (Behind fit)
Hayden (Inbetween fit)
Hayden (Behind fit)
Hayden with porthole window (Inbetween fit)
Hayden with porthole window (Behind fit)
Hayden with square window (Inbetween fit)
Hayden with square window (Behind fit)
GDO Colby GDO Milton GDO Milton with Window  
Colby (Inbetween fit)
Colby (Behind fit)
Milton (Inbetween fit)
Milton (Behind fit)
Milton with window (Inbetween fit)
Milton with window (Behind fit)

Finishes and Colours

All GDO Insulated made to measure Sectional doors are available in a choise of 9 different colours. With the Aldway and Colby styles also being available in either a smooth or embossed surface.

Smooth surface Embossed surface
Smooth surface Embossed surface


To truly personalise your door we offer 9 on-trend, popular colour options in all door designs, with Black, White and Anthracite options being at no additional cost.

Colour options  


Electric Operation

Pretty much every sectional garage door we sell is specified with an electric operator, not only because the cost is no longer a luxury but also the sheer convenience and now also security through improvements with technology.
A boom style electric operator is a simple device to install to a sectional door, sitting directly above the door panels and pushing and pulling the door panels up and down with relative ease giving a very reliable overall package.

We offer various electric operators and accessories to enable the easiest control for your sectional garage door. From the most popular remote control handset control through to smartphone and tablet control via an app we keep the latest technology and present it as relevant to the door size and specification. All electric operators have a manual emergency override internally in case of power failure or other issues so never sorry about not being able to open or close the door.

Different operator models offered with the GDO sectional door will offer different features but rest assured we only offer the correct electric operator to fit with the door chosen.






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