What are the order size references for the seceuroglide roller doors

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The ordering sizes for all the Seceuroglide insulated roller doors are the 'Overall Width' of the door curtain plus the side guides chosen. For example if you want a door opening size of 2250mm as this is your brickwork width and you are installing behind the piers, you add to this size the guides which are 75mm on a standard door so the 'Overall Width' becomes 2250 + 75 +75 = 2400mm.
The height is ordered from the 'Guide Height' without the endplates and curtain roll included so is the height to the top of the guides. For example you have a lintel height of 2150mm and again you are installing behind the brickwork opening (inside the garage), assuming you have sufficient internal headroom you would order the door as 2150mm 'Order Height' and the standard Seceuroglide door would come with 300mm endplates (with or without the optional hood cover) so your overall height would be 2450mm and that is what would be required internally from the floor to the ceiling as a minimum.
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Seceuroglide roller door critical dimensions for ordering

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