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The Woodrite Gear Mechanism Options

All Woodrite timber up and over garage doors are built to order from grade one selected cedar or idigbo tongue and groove boards, mouldings, cedar or idigbo faced ply and cedar or idigbo raised and fielded panels depending on the style chosen. More recently you have the option of Accoya and Oak too. All timber boards are individually dipped in a base coat to ensure penetration into all end grain and grooves before assembly. All of Woodrite's garage doors are available in a wide range of standard sizes, and special sizes can be made to measure in mm increments, including the timber or steel fixing sub frame options.

Once you have chosen a timber door design you can also in many of the doors choose from two different door panel build types - Panel Build and Solid Build

Woodrite timber garage door in a panel build style Panel Build Doors

Panel-build is an economical way of making a timber garage door panel; the timber is mounted into a steel chassis or onto an aluminium sub-frame giving the garage door strength.
In essence the timber is more like a cladding to the steel chassis which provides all the strength and rigidity

Panel-build garage doors are available with Super-Chassis lifting gear or Masta-Gear lifting gear. Both of these gear types are fully retractable mechanisms.

The timber panel cloaks the chassis or sub-frame, from the front all this is visible is edge-to-edge timber with no visible chassis, an element that is unique to Woodrite.

The Somerset, Buckingham and Warwick ranges are all panel-build.




solid build woodrite garage door Solid Build Doors

Solid-build style doors use traditional joinery to create a solid timber panel that, apart from on very large garage doors, requires no chassis or sub-frame to provide its strength. Solid-build garage doors are available with Masta-Gear lifting gear only. From the front, solid-build garage doors have deeper edge rails, solid profiles front to back and beautiful rounded chamfer detailing.

From the inside they look just as good - edge to edge timber!

The Balmoral and Warwick ranges are solid-build.





Now Choose Your Mechanism

There are two types of retractable lfting mechanisms to choose from - Super-Chassis or Masta Gear

Super Chassis Mechanism

Super ChassisSuper-Chassis is a lightweight operating gear suitable for all but the largest panel-build garage doors from the Somerset and Buckingham ranges. It features a strong corrosion protected steel sub chassis onto which the lifting mechanism is integrated.

Super-Chassis is available in retractable (single and double size doors) or canopy action (single size doors only). Retractable gear is straight arm as standard with the option of cranked arms (gives extra drive through width at wing mirror height) on smaller single sized garage doors.

Super-Chassis timber framed garage doors have edge-to-edge timber all round, garage doors with a steel frame have edge-to-edge timber at the bottom and sides and a steel top edge that acts as a slam strip, closing concealed behind the frame head.

The strong steel chassis sits behind the door panel.

The top edge slam strip on doors with a steel frame is concealed behind the frame head when closed.

Masta Gear Mechanism

Masta GearMasta-Gear is a do-it-all gear, suitable for all garage doors in all sizes. Masta-Gear fixes to an aluminium sub-frame for the panel-build garage doors and directly to the timber panel for all solid-build doors.

It is available in retractable gear only from us (single and double size doors)

Single size retractable garage doors feature cranked lifting arms for increased drive-through width at wing mirror height. The heavy-duty straight arm version is fitted to double garage doors and the heaviest solid-build doors at the top end of the single garage door sizes.

Masta gear on the aluminium sub frame represents the best value for money in the timber Woodrite garage door range.

Electric Operation

Of course, any of the retractable operating mechanisms will always take the addition of a remote control electric opener operating the door smoothly and effortlessly.

Choose an operator like the Hormann Promatic BiSecur for doors up to approx. 10 feet wide and the more powerful Supramatic BiSecur for doors wider than this. For extra large doors at 16 feet wide and maybe over 7 feet high, you may want to consider the Supramatic P for the extra power, especially if the door is frequently used.

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the making of a high quality timber garage door in cedarwood

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