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Seceuroglide Sectional Door - Ribbed Steel Sectional Doors
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Sectional Doors Steel GEAR TYPE: Elite, Plus, Compact

The Seceuroglide Sectional Door design makes the most of the space both inside and outside of the garage, by rising vertically allowing you to park right up to the door. Manufactured with care in Britain, the quality, value, ease of use and fast leading time make these sectional doors an outstanding choice.

When choosing a sectional door, headroom can sometimes be an issue but with the 60mm rear-mount option, and made to measure sizes as standard, the Seceuroglide sectional doors will fit any garage. 

The three gear types available are:
Sectional Elite - side mounted system
Sectional Compact - rear mounted system
Sectional Plus - front mounted system

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The Seceuroglide Sectional Garage Door creates a stylish feature that is sure to enhance the look of your home but also the security and insulation. The Ribbed sectional garage door by Seceuroglide is a timeless narrow ribbed design that can be styled many different ways, and is available in a diverse range of long wearing finishes.  

The Seceuroglide sectional garage door has a 40mm thick insulated steel panel manufactured to the highest specification, filled with PU foam - this along with the high grade rubber weather seals on all sides ensures a very high level of insulation, meaning an energy efficient and money saving door. This also goes hand-in-hand with security - the thick panels and the sophisticated locking system ensures peace of mind for you and your whole family. Whether you have a manual or an automated door you will be totally protected from intruders.

The Sectional garage door design makes the most of your driveway and garage; vertical operation ensures you can park right up to your door on either side and use your entire driveway. The Elite requires just 130mm headroom for motorised operation and 100mm for manual operation. The Plus requires just 190mm headroom for motorised operation and 160mm for manual operation, whilst the Compact only requires 90mm headroom for motorised operation, manual operation is not available.

There are two free of charge standard finishes; a traditional style White woodgrain embossed finish, or a smooth and modern Anthracite Dura finish. Additionally, there is a huge range of 32 different optional standard colour finishes, including Heritage and Metallic colours, and the Centre Ribbed design can also be manufactured in a Golden Oak foiled finish. With this range of choices, there will be something to suit every garage.


Domestic insulated steel garage doors

The Seceuroglide Elite Sectional Doors are suitable for openings up to 3.25 metres wide:
Manual or electric operation
Minimum side room required: 85mm
Actual drive through height (manual): DOH - 230mm
Actual drive through height (electric): DOH - 20mm
Minimum head room required (manual): 100mm
Minimum head room required (electric): 130mm

The Seceuroglide Plus Sectional Doors are suitable for openings up to 5 metres wide:
Manual or electric operation
Minimum side room required: 85mm
Actual drive through height (manual): DOH - 170mm
Actual drive through height (electric): DOH - 0mm (zero)
Minimum head room required (manual): 160mm
Minimum head room required (electric): 190mm

The Seceuroglide Compact Sectional Doors are suitable for openings up to 5.5 metres wide*
*(excluding the Georgian which is available up to 5m wide):
Electric operation only
Minimum side room required: 85mm
Actual drive through height (manual): N/A
Actual drive through height (electric): DOH - 85mm
Minimum head room required (manual): N/A
Minimum head room required (electric): 90mm

Lock & Handle Options (for manually operated doors only)
The black handle is only available on the right hand side, viewed from outside looking in (2nd panel from the bottom).
The handles are recessed into the door.

The handle is always placed 2nd panel from the bottom, unless stated.

Rail length required for operator:

Daylight opening (DOH) up to 2.2m = 3000mm rail

Daylight opening (DOH) over 2.2m = 3300mm rail

All Seceuroglide products are guaranteed against defect of material or workmanship by SWS UK subject to correct installation, maintenance and operation for a period of 2 years from the date of purchase.

In addition Golden Oak textured woodgrain finishes carry a limited 10 year guarantee.

The NRG Black Edition electric motor carries a 7 year guarantee*

*7 Year warranty available on the motor if registered.

Inbetween Fit Installation measurements currently differ slightly. Please call 01926 463 888 if you require this option.

Seceuroglide Sectional Doors Elite Measuring Guide

Seceuroglide Sectional Doors Plus Measuring Guide

Seceuroglide Sectional Doors Compact Measuring Guide

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