Extra Large Garage Doors

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Extra Large Garage Doors

Extra Large Garage Doors

We are finding many more customers wanting garage doors over the general defined maximum width of 5 metres, a size which has been exceeded now by quite a few options in garage door and roller doors


Generally an ‘ideal’ single garage opening width would be around 2438mm (8 feet), and a double width around 5000mm (16’5”) but traditionally most garage doors have been smaller at 2134mm wide and 4267mm wide as the most popular standard size opening widths. With cars generally getting wider, and these sizes always being tight, newer garages have got bigger when space allows. Also, a triple garage by definition would be around 7.5m wide (24’6”), and this is certainly achievable if required now with two doors types.


The standard height for a garage opening is usually about 2134mm (7 feet), but many garage doors will not provide this full 2134mm drive through when open, so be aware if height is a sensitive issue.

We can provide many door options for anyone requiring a height greater than 2134mm.

A maximum height of 3000mm is generally considered the maximum, and above this you need to be looking at commercial mechanism but doors are available really above this height if required.

For extra large garage doors above 5.5m wide we would certainly recommend doors with double skinned panel construction as the panel strength will ensure the least chance of any panel warp and deflection when operating.

This deflection can also be avoided by using a round the corner garage door, another great option for extra wide doors.

The best all round door for large sizes, great strength and good value for money is definitely the sectional door. The Carteck ‘super size’ doors will go all the way up to 8m wide using a heavier duty commercial type mechanism but offering the same panel designs and finishes as the smaller doors.

See our online prices for extra large garage door widths and if you have any queries please email or call us directly.

Carteck Super Size Sectional >

SWS Vertico >

Hormann LPU42 Metric sizes (up to 6m wide) 

Hormann SB Roller Door


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