Carteck Super Size Centre Ribbed (22 Colour Options) Insulated Sectional Door garage door Steel Carteck

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Carteck Super Size Centre Ribbed (22 Colour Options) Steel Sectional Doors
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Sectional Doors Steel GEAR TYPE: Sectional


The Carteck Super Size doors start above 5.5m (18’0”) wide and reach 8.0m (26’3”) wide in a single span.

The Super Size Sectional Doors are all are power operated by a remote control motor.

  • Special offer - Free colour upgrade*
  • Made to measure for perfect fit
  • 40mm thick insulated panels
  • Easiest installation and safest mechanism
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Web Price from: £5,242.80 Inc. VAT
£4,369.00 Ex. VAT

The difference between the Super Size doors and the 'normal size' doors is the weight and at these sizes safe operation is paramount. Consequently the doors have up-rated fittings for all load bearing elements and the lifting mechanism is motor driven with torsion spring assistance. A monitored safety edge ensures the door stops and reverses should it encounter an obstruction.

Choose Door Panel Colour Finish:
Select your preferred powdercoat colour finish for the outer framework on the door panels from a range of 22 Trend colours offered. RAL references for colours are provided as a guide only to the nearest similar RAL colour and colours will not match other RAL finishes with different coating processes, gloss content and surface texture finishes.
The door panels are available as a smooth, woodgrain, stucco or micro-profiled finish.
Where the door is exposed to direct and lengthy sunlight darker colours should be avoided.

Frame legs and Head to match door colour:

Choose the colour you require for the outer steel frame system. Although many sectional garage doors are fitted behind the garage opening so you don’t see the sub frame you will still see the edge of the frame where it has a small return section. Standard colour is white and if any of the frame is showing or it is fitted inbetween you can contrast the door colour to the door panel colour if required.

Installation Position:

Tell us whether you are fitting the door behind or inbetween the structural opening.
Sectional garage doors were originally designed to install behind the structural opening of a garage but it is now possible to fit the door inbetween if required – when there are no returns, internal obstacles, etc.
The sizes for ordering should be carefully calculated when fitting inbetween the opening reducing the ordering width by the frame legs and head section along with a tolerance for fitting too. See our ‘Measure’ tab for full details.

Inbetween Opening Installation Kit:
If fitting the door inbetween the structural opening you will need this kit to secure the steel sub frame to the opening with the special set of bracketry.

Direct Drive Motor
Carteck Direct Drive MotosBig doors need the big power of Carteck Direct Drive motors! They are suitable for doors over 6m wide and require a 16 amp supply direct to consumer unit. Intelligent control ensure consistant safe operation. A second form of access into the garage is required as external release systems are not available with this motor. 

Wireless 2 function Wall Switch:
This is a remote control device in the form of a wall mounted 2 button switch to control one or 2 garage doors from inside your garage or home. Like a light switch but without and cables and a battery remote control signal for operation. (Called Access Pack 2).

The Carteck Super Size Sectional doors have solid 40mm thick panels which are strong, rigid and provide excellent thermal and acoustic performance.
Intermediate strips create a thermal barrier that is very effective in reducing heat transmission saving on the energy needed to maintain a pleasant ambient temperature inside the garage.

> All motors have an integral chain override system (no head frame section is included in the door system).

> All sectional super size doors are always fitted BEHIND the opening, not inbetween.

> N or NSH operating gear only available (NSH up to 7830mm only).

> Other sizes are available on request, please call 01926 463888 for more information.

> Approx 6 week delivery.

The Carteck Sectional Super Size Doors have the highest level of safety features and a single phase electric motor of the highest quality.

Safety Edge Mechanism
Doors are factory fitted with a safety edge mechanism which stops the door if it
comes into contact with an obstacle.

Direct Drive
Big doors need power and the direct drive motors are definitely up to the job!
Intelligent control ensures safe operation at all times.

Side Protection
A lateral guard prevents a hand from being accidentally caught between the frame
and the runner rail.

Finger pinch protection
Patented finger pinch protection for outside andinside of the door.

Weather Strips
The door is also has a weather strip at the sides, top and also between the
individual sections across the entire width.

Floor Seal
A rot-proof bottom weather strip made of elastic EPDM rubber profile sits against the floor and will compensate for minor variations in floor level to provide an improved barrier to debris and draughts.

Optional Extras:
- no external handle is fitted as standard. Will be required for a manually operated door.
External Emergency Release - fitted as standard in the top left hand corner of all doors.

Installation Instructions are provided with every door or can be found here.

CarTeck Motor Connector Alternatives

2-year manufacturer’s guarantee
> all our supersized sectional doors have a 2 year guarantee against mechanical defects

10-year manufacturer’s guarantee
> on the panel against rust inside and outside
> on the steel splitting away from the foam
> on material and manufacturing faults of all immoveable frame parts, if it can be proved that they are inoperative or their use is impaired
> on floor seals, central seals, side seals and header seal against perishing

Coastal applications
The guarantee does not apply to doors which are subjected to extreme conditions, e.g. corrosive influences resulting from use in a coastal climate with high salt content.

Dark colours
Please Note: Where doors are exposed to direct sunlight, dark colours should be avoided. Dark coloured doors may undergo expansion due to heat absorption and this can affect the doors performance whilst in an expanded state. Such instances are not covered by the guarantee, however normal performance will return when the door has cooled. 

The full Carteck Supersize Sectional Technical Specification can be downloaded here


DOOR: Sectional door double skinned PUR foam core, 40mm thick CarTeck panels. Outer surface finished in choice of 4 standard designs and all standard listed CarTeck colours. Inner surface stucco design, colour similar to RAL 9002. Sections have a centre seal, EPDM, header, and floor seals. Different order heights are made up from mixing panel sizes, 2 different bottom profile sizes and reduced top panel heights. Doors have reinforcing steel profiles on the rear of the panels.

FRAME: Door frame is made from hot dipped galvanised steel sections. Protective strips with EPDM sealing lips on both sides of the vertical tracks.

HARDWARE: Doors have galvanised frame legs and are supplied without a header strip. Hardware has galvanised finish, screwed hinged to all sections, adjustable rollers with ball bearings. Front or optional rear mounted torsion spring with load-bearing steel cables.

AUTOMATION: Electric 230V drive as standard, either direct or rail drive. Optical safety edge, hard wired to control system and photocells. Direct drive motor must have 13 amp supply direct to consumer unit. External release is not possible with direct drive motor, additional access must be available into garage.


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