Insulated Doors Overview

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Insulated Garage Doors Overview

Insulated Garage Doors Overview

Insulated garage door sales have increased dramatically in the last few years. Now that garage doors are available with high levels of insulation and then by default also seal the opening very well it is easy to see why a lot of people would prefer this to a draughty garage door letting in wind, rain and dust.

Which doors are best for insulation?

Insulated Roller Door Insulated Roller Garage Doors

The term ‘insulated roller garage door’ is widely used, but it can be misleading as it is almost impossible to get an accurate 'U value' rating on a roller door. Constructed from an average of 24 individual horizontal slats, you will have small air movement through the curtain so impossible to gauge a true value when closed all depending on size and installation criteria. These 19mm thick insulated doors offer not only insulating properties, but also more strength than ordinary roller shutters. Rubber or brush type weather seals in the guides or on the head fascia, a full hood cover for the roll and how much overlap the door slats have to the side and the head will all contribute to how good the insulation will be but do not expect an accurate U value.

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Insulated Sectional DoorInsulated Sectional Garage Doors

These vertically operating garage doors divide into several sections and are constructed in 40 - 67mm thick insulated foam filled steel panels. They are about the best insulated doors for normal domestic type garage doors. The U values achieved can be excellent when installed behind the structural opening. If you want real insulation however be sure to order a made to measure door rather than make a standard door size work in your garage opening. Compromises in the width, and more often the height will mean that you have a door fitted with 42mm panels up to say 2135mm high and then a single skin layer of steel fascia fitted to make up the gap to the lintel. Hormann, Carteck, SWS and Garador all offer either purpose made sizes or additional insulated fascia panels where required for the best insulated finished result.

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Insulated Side HingedInsulated Side Hinged Doors

We can now offer side hinged garage doors with excellent levels of insulation with a door system based on the insulated sectional door panels al set into a pre fitted aluminium sub frame for easy on site installation. Excellent weather seals all round also close down the weather ingress. See the Carteck, GDO, Hormann and Ryterna range of hinged doors. Traditional timber side hinged doors with all the right frame work stops and a good tight fit will actually give quite a good insulation value as timber as a material itself is a good insulator. Side Hinged doors are definitely a very good option for any garage where the use is mainly for a workshop, office, gym, playroom or similar.

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Insulated personnel doorsInsulated Personnel Doors

Garage Doors Online have a massive range of insulated personnel doors to choose from for use as an additional product if you have a side or rear entrance into your garage or house. The Hormann and Carteck range of pedestrian doors offer some standard or purpose made door options with superb finishes to choose from and again a prefitted fixing sub frame for easy on site installation.

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